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American Pie Cast Reunites After 20 Years! Watch Them Discuss the Infamous Band Camp Line

Jul 9, 2019

Yes, Alyson Hannigan still hears that famous American Pie line all the time.

The main cast from the hit 1999 teen sex comedy reunited 20 years later for an interview with Entertainment Tonight, where Hannigan, who played band geek Michelle Flaherty, disclosed how fans still approach her about the infamous scene. Hannigan is responsible for the sexually-explicit “this one time at band camp…” line.

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“Yeah, they still do that 20 years later,” Hannigan, 45, said. “Which was fine before I had children, but now I’d really like them to just be like, oh I recognize you, wink wink. Luckily they don’t finish the sentence, but I stand there terrified that they will.”

Hannigan was also joined by Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Tara Reid, Natasha Lyonne, Chris Klein and Eddie Kay Thomas

Hannigan previously opened up to Entertainment Weekly back in 2011 about it was like to reunite with the cast for the 2012 movie American Reunion.

“You know, I haven’t seen most of those guys for, goodness, we couldn’t even figure it out — probably, like, eight years or something,” she said at the time. “And more for the ladies. It’s a little strange, because you’ve kept up with them in the media. Like, everybody knew I had a kid. But it was really nice. We got to show pictures! It was one of those things where the dynamic with everyone is as if no time that has passed. You instantly get along.”

The full American Pie reunion airs on Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday.

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