• Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Ant McPartlin bandaged up by medics after suffering BGT injury

Apr 28, 2022

BGT: Viewers eye blunder in Andrew Basso's escape act

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Britain’s Got Talent host Ant McPartlin was bandaged up by medics after he split his forehead open after headbutting a coconut. The ITV star was standing beside Declan Donnelly at the show’s auditions as he was checked over by the first aid team.

Ant had no idea he was bleeding until Dec pointed out the injury.

Dozens of coconuts were set up on stage as part of an act and Ant tried to crack one using different parts of his body.

Firstly, he punched it, proclaiming: “Do not punch coconuts kids, it really hurts. I think I nearly broke my knuckle.”

After tapping it against his head, he said: “Why did you say forehead? Because I was bound to try…”

Dec then proceeded to tell him he had cut his head. 

Ant pointed behind the camera and told someone behind the scenes: “How irresponsible are you?”

The medic joked with the injured star, telling him he would need to change his dressing every day for three weeks.

Ant saw the funny side of the minor injury, saying: “This is very extreme for a little tap on the forehead.”

Although he was not done yet as Ant was soon back on stage attempting to crack more coconuts.

The series has been in the spotlight a number of times since it returned for the 2022 season. 

Fans were keen to see what weird and wonderful acts would take to the stage as the show was unable to air last year. 

However, the show has received plenty of backlash with fans stating “fix” claims after certain acts were put through to the semi-finals. 

Amanda Holden was called out for putting through US professional singer Loren Allred, following her breathtaking rendition of The Greatest Showman hit, Never Enough. 

The star provided the voice for the track that was branded a fan-favourite in the iconic film. 

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