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Antiques Road Trip expert despairs over ‘rare’ silver item’s huge loss ‘I can’t watch!’

Jun 9, 2021

Antiques Road Trip: Art deco spirit flask makes £150 profit

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Natasha Raskin Sharp and Steven Moore travelled to Scotland last week for BBC’s Antiques Road Trip where they were tasked with spotting five items that would sell for a hefty profit at auction. However, Natasha was left disappointed when a “rare” silver toddy warmer didn’t receive the interest from bidders that she thought it would. 

The antique hunters separated along their journey with Natasha on the look for treasures in Perth while Steven looked elsewhere. 

Once inside an antique shop, Natasha remarked: “That cabinet is looking at me and screaming, ‘You have money in your pocket and you might be able to afford something I have.”

Picking up a silver item, she said: “I don’t know what that is. But this piece seems to click into place, it’s quite satisfying.

“That’s cool, it’s for warming your toddy, that’s really nice. What an amazing thing, that’s sold silver.”

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“LNS is the maker,” she revealed. “So that’s Levi and Salaman, long-established mid to late Victorian Birmingham makers.

“I think you pour spirits onto that little mesh area, you set that alight and it creates a little flame, you pour your whiskey in there, you close the lid and your toddy is warmed.”

The item was on sale for £245 but the expert haggled the price down to £175.

Natasha secured the deal by purchasing a tortoise inkpot as well as the silver toddy warmer with the total coming to £220 marked down from £330.

At the auction, auctioneer Jody gave his thoughts on the items Natasha and Steven were looking to sell for a tidy profit. 

Jody remarked: “This silver object, I’ve never seen one before, it’s silver, it’s rare so there’s going to be plenty of people who want to own it.”

Reflecting on her purchases, Natasha told Steven: “I do have a horrible feeling that I might have got carried away a couple of times but it was fun having money to spend.”

Natasha’s silver toddy warmer was the first item up for sale and it didn’t perform as well as she’d hoped. 

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Despite the item’s high cost, Jody started the bidding at £60 as Natasha remarked: “I can’t watch.”

“It’s creeping,” Steven commented when the bidding reached £100.

“It’s not creeping enough,” the frustrated antique expert hit back. 

“Why has it stopped at £100, Steven? Can we just go outside and cry?”

“I was maybe a wee bit smug about that one. Pride comes before the hammer falls.”

At the end of the auction, Natasha and Steven calculated their overall profit. 

Natasha had started the day with a larger budget than her co-star but was narrowly beaten when Steve enjoyed a hefty profit on an art deco spirit flask. 

His final profit was £316.16 while Natasha trailed behind with £275.22

Antiques Road Trip airs on weekdays on BBC One at 4.30pm.

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