Antiques Road Trip: Phil tells Izzie ‘it’s just a game’

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A recent episode of BBC valuation programme Antiques Road Trip saw the two experts scouring antique shops in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire while on the hunt for the best-value items. One of Izzie’s finds brought her a dismal profit of just £3, and as she expressed her disappointment Philip poked fun at his dismayed co-star.

A glass bowl caught Izzie’s eye while she was searching for items to auction.

But when it came to the bidding, people didn’t seem as interested as she’d hoped.

She paid £17 for the bowl, and once the auctioneer had offered £20, nobody was offering to take the price any higher.

“No!” Izzie commented as the price stood still. “Come on, let’s have another one!”

As the bidder announced the bowl was selling at £20, Izzie gasped: “No, Phil!”

“Cheap, isn’t it?” Philip commented as Izzie remarked: “I’m really disappointed.”

“It’s just a game Izzie,” the antique specialist shrugged. “Just a game.”

It came as Izzie’s items had been building up more of a profit than her co-stars before the tables turned. Izzie laughed along as she replied: “Look who’s smiling now!”

Earlier in the programme, the small glass bowl caught Izzie’s attention while she was exploring.

She explained: “The label says ‘a late Victorian/Edwardian art glass, £17’.

“I think this is Stuart and Sons. For me, the give-away is this green trail,” she said, pointing at the green line that swirled across the glass.

“You see this on lots of their glass items,” she noted. “And it was also developed into green blobs – that is a technical term.

“So this trailing design would sometimes terminate in a blob. The other distinctive, tell-tale sign for me is this glass frill, going around the edge of the bowl.

“It’s hand-blown. You’ve got the pontil mark on the bottom there – it’s just a good item.

“For a hand-blown glass, Victorian item, no damage that I can see, at £17, I would like to think that there’s a bit of profit in that.

“So I’m going to give it a good go, and I’m going to buy it.”

But unfortunately, the glass bowl didn’t make the price she had expected.

This meant Izzie was not crowned the “winner” of the episode.

She had started her journey with £352.70 and made a decent profit, ending the trip of £445.80.

But Philip ended up with £543.10. All profits made went to Children In Need.

“It’s been an absolute blast Izzie, I’ve loved your company,” Philip commented to his colleague as they left the auction.

The Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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