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Antiques Road Trip expert thrilled as Edwardian diamond ring almost doubles in price

Nov 3, 2021

Antiques Road Trip: Stunning brooch earns profit of £70

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Antiques Road Trip’s Margie Cooper and Paul Martin ventured into Somerset in a recent episode of the hit BBC show. The pair travelled around the area in the hopes of finding interesting antiques they could turn a profit on. They each selected a variety of items from local shops, but it was an Edwardian amethyst and gold ring that delighted Margie. Having bought the antique for a bargain price, she managed to sell it for almost double the cost at auction.

Margie wandered around a Somerset antique shop before something sparkly caught her eye.

“I quite fancy buying a bit of jewellery,” she remarked.

She riffled through a box of jewelled items and picked out a gold ring that featured pale purple stones.

“Oh, that’s quite nice,” the antique expert said as she placed the ring on her finger.

As Margie examined the ring she told viewers: “It’s a very, very pale amethyst. It’s a 9-carat gold ring. There’s a bit of age to it.

“The amethysts are very, very pale and there are tiny diamonds… or they might not be diamonds.

“It’s a bit worn,” she added but conceded that was likely because of its age.

There was no price tag on the ring in the shop, so she took it to the counter and offered £30 for it.

The store attendant agreed to sell the ring to her for £30, but little did she know, Margie had secured herself a bargain.

Later on in the programme, Margie met back up with Paul and together they watched their selected items go up for auction.

When the ring came up for sale, the auctioneer started the bidding at £50.

As a result, Margie’s face lit up immediately as she realised she’d already secured a healthy profit.

However, the bidding was over and done with quickly as it sold for a total of £55.

“Well done,” Paul said, congratulating his co-star on the sale.

“Happy!” Margie exclaimed, with Paul replying: “Are you? Well, you’ve got to be happy with that.”

“£25 profit,” Margie said, with Paul remarking: “Brilliant!”

However, it wasn’t the most impressive profit of the episode, as Paul managed to sell one item for six times what he paid for it.

The expert picked up a Victorian silver baby rattle for just £10 at an antique store.

He was thrilled when the bids came flying in and the rattle eventually sold for £60.

Antiques Road Trip is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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