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Antiques Roadshow guest left ‘worried’ over discovery of paintings enormous value

Nov 28, 2021

Antiques Roadshow: Lesser Ury painting valued at £20,000

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Antiques Roadshow visited Morden Hall Park in South London for Sunday’s episode of the hit BBC show. During the programme, art historian Lawrence Hendra was intrigued by a small German painting from the 1920s. After examining the artwork in detail, the expert revealed its enormous value, leaving its owner concerned it could spark some family arguments.

Lawrence began: “Some people might take one look at this little picture and think it’s perhaps a little bit underwhelming and even a bit confusing.

“But, actually, I think this is very interesting,” he confessed.

Keen to know more about the painting, Lawrence asked the owner how she came to possess the artwork.

“It belonged to my maternal grandfather,” the owner said, explaining how the painting had been passed down through her family.

“I believe it was bought in Berlin. He was a German Jew and we think that he bought it probably early 1920’s,” she revealed.

Lawrence commented: “If we look closely we can see in the bottom left hand corner, we see inscribed ‘L. Ury’ for Lesser Ury, who you no doubt know is a German Jewish artist.

“He’s best known for his paintings of European city life and he was really pursuing this really modern approach to art as you can see here.

“At first when you look at this you see lots of colour, lots of movement.

“But actually, not until you really start to decode it the figures and the composition in general makes more sense,” the art expert explained.

Looking closer at the piece, Lawrence highlighted four figures in the foreground.

He praised the impressive broad strokes featured in the painting, noting that some areas of the canvas had even been left blank by the German artist.

The owner insisted she’d long admired the painting, remarking: “I’ve always loved that perspective you get from the lights going through.

“You really feel you’re in a very glitzy 1920s style cafe,” she added.

As Lawrence moved onto the topic of value, he explained there were a number of things to consider.

The art historian noted: “Works by Lesser Ury do come to market fairly regularly.

“This is of course a small work, compared to some of the other works he did, but I think in a way it’s just as interesting.

“I think if this were to come up at auction, I think it would still sell for a figure in the region of £20,000,” he revealed.

The crowd gasped as Lawrence delivered his estimation and the owner exclaimed: “Wow, you have amazed me!

“I didn’t think that. Now I’m a bit worried. I hope we’re not going to have any family disputes about it,” she laughed.

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC Two.

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