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Audrey arrested for Stephen's next murder after huge clue in Corrie?

Dec 25, 2022

Weird Christmas presents were the topic of conversation as Christmas Day begun in the Platt household in Coronation Street.

This was largely down to the fact Gail (Helen Worth) had bought herself a new birdbox as a Christmas gift, something David (Jack P Shepherd) thought was quite strange.

Gail pointed out that a birdbox isn’t a weird present at all – but a new roof box, is.

The new roof box was a gift to Stephen (Todd Boyce) from Audrey (Sue Nicholls).

Random, yes, but this could also potentially be linked to the next part of Stephen’s murderous storyline.

Gail, David and Shona (Julia Goulding) were all pointing out how Stephen doesn’t actually have a car anymore, so he’s had to fit it onto Audrey’s.

Spoilers for 2023 already confirm there is tragedy ahead for Teddy (Grant Burgin), who ends up in hospital after being knocked over by a van.

Prior to this, he returns from Canada with some information about Leo (Joe Frost), who was murdered by Stephen a few months ago.

If Teddy wakes up and has some incriminating information about Stephen, could he take action, murder the character, and transport the body for disposal via his new roof box?

And given that it’s now on Audrey’s car, could this mean she is questioned when his storyline starts to unravel?

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