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Ayesha Currys Sweet July Productions To Develop Title IX Miniseries From Dexton Deboree

Jul 15, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Title IX and its impact on history and women’s rights will take center stage in IX, an original miniseries from best-selling author Ayesha Curry’s Sweet July Productions, Dexton Deboree and his Falkon Entertainment banner.

Created by Deboree, the multi-part docuseries takes its name from the final amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and will take viewers through a robust collection of stories of inspiration, transformation, struggle, triumph, and the continued fight for equality that defines Title IX and its impact across sports, politics, social activism, and American culture at large. The initial birth of Women’s rights, the evolution of gender equality, the dawn of the caught-on-tape era are just some of the topics to be explored and explained by powerful women who involved in the fight for equality

The series will be co-produced under Ayesha’s television and film production company banner and Deboree’s Falkon Entertainment. Sweet July Productions’ Tiffany Nicholson-Horton and Falkon’s Wondwoosen Dikran will executive produce. Nathaniel O. Calloway serves as co-executive producer for Falkon.

The teams are currently in discussions with a range of powerful female filmmakers to direct.

“The motivation behind everything I do is to show my kids that they can accomplish anything,” Curry said. “If it wasn’t for Title IX and the women who fought for equality over the past century, that may not be the case. The fact that it hasn’t been ratified is completely shocking, and with the 50th anniversary coming up next year, now is the time to educate and shine a light on those who have fought and continue to fight for women’s rights. I’m grateful to be able to create and share stories that are important, inspiring, and crucial now more than ever.”

“This is a subject I’ve been tracking for many years, and after meeting with Ayesha and the Sweet July Productions team, something sparked in my heart that lit the match and got me to work,” added Deboree, Founder and CCO of Falkon. “We knew we had to dive into the entirety of the events that unfolded to eventually pass The Act as it is really the tip of the iceberg in the fight for equality. Title IX originated as a manifestation of a seed planted long ago that evolved over time thanks to powerful women across history and a few good men that stood behind them.”

He continued: “Even after all this time, the tragic truth is the law STILL hasn’t been fully ratified today. Given the law’s important anniversary next year and the overall state of our culture and our world, this docu-series is as urgent and important as ever and this story needs to be not only told but shouted from the mountain tops. My biggest hope is that the whole world will wake up, take action and embrace the change that needs to happen, now and ultimately perhaps even inspiring the ratification of Title IX once and for all. We couldn’t think of a better partner than Ayesha, Tiffany and the team at Sweet July as from day one, we have been fully aligned on the story, the approach and, our shared goals and values in inspiring the world through storytelling.”

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