BACHELOR Nation is up in arms over last night's episode where Peter Weber sent Kelley home and kept Victoria F., Kelsey, Hannah Ann and Madison.

Fans on social media are raging and are petitioning for the lawyer to be considered as the next Bachelorette.

After Peter picked Victoria F. over Kelley in last night's episode, fans of the show took to social media to express their disappointment in the pilot.

One person wrote: "Last night was awful to watch, Peter has no idea what he wants and half these girls have no idea if they want marriage.

"Kelley knew what she wanted but Peter did not deserve her. Also, Victoria F. is literally so fake and played Peter like a fiddle … but he loves drama."

Another one wrote: "Peter is so stupid. He constantly rewards drama. Kelley deserved a rose and he definitely isn't spiritual like Madison is.

"I want her to win but long term, I see it not working out."

While another one tweeted: "Peter got rid of Kelley, a mature and beautiful queen over Victoria F.? Petition for Kelley to be our next bachelorette."

More fans of the show chimed in with one person saying: "Peter was not ready for the woman Kelley was."

Others criticized the type of women Peter went after with one saying: "I honestly knew Peter was not right for Kelley. She's too good for him!

"Unlike some contestants, she doesn't see the need of creating a sob sorry to stay till hometowns, like you don't need to act sooo vulnerable to put your heart on the line."

Some even posted memes about their relationship with one person calling Peter a "sandwich."

This elimination came as a surprise to many because Kelley recognized the other constants didn't measure up to her.

Unlike the other contestants, Kelley didn't cry when she was eliminated and actually roasted Peter on Twitter calling his decision "dumb".

She said after being eliminated: "The four that are left are, like, little babies. They don't really know who they are. Like, are you a child? Or are you an adult? But clearly he doesn't agree."

During this last episode, Peter took a giant leap in the show and professed his love for Madison, saying he was in love with her.

She told him during their one on one date: "I've always been a believer that there's no time frame on something of how you're feeling.

“And it's scary as hell for me, but I feel so good about you. I know that I'm falling in love with you."

Next week, fans will get to see how Peter interacts with the four women's families during the hometowns episode.

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