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BAFTA viewers blast biased BBC over censoring Derry Girls stars speech

May 16, 2023

Siobhán McSweeney issues dig at political leaders in acceptance speech

However, the BBC has come under fire for seemingly “censoring” a BAFTAs speech made by actress Siobhán McSweeney as she accepted her award on Sunday night.

The 43-year-old’s full speech was aired on the BAFTAs official YouTube channel, and showed the Irish actress taking a stab at the “leaders of Dublin, Stormont, and Westminster”.

However, in the edited BBC coverage, her criticism of those in power was cut from her acceptance speech.

The star won an award for Best Female Comedy Performance for her role as Sister Michael in the Channel 4 favourite, Derry Girls.

Responding to the edit, many have blasted the BBC for “censorship” of the actress’ message.

In her full dialogue to audiences, Siobhán stated: “I’m going to be quick because it has to be to the people of Derry.

“Thank you for taking me into your hearts and your living rooms, I am daily impressed with how you encompass the spirit of compromise and resilience despite the indignities, ignorance and stupidity of your so-called leaders in Dublin, Stormont and Westminster.

“In the words of my beloved Sister Michael, it’s time they started to wise up. Thank you so much.”

However, in the BBC edit, a clip only showed the actress saying: “I’m going to be quick because it has to be to the people of Derry.

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“Thank you for taking me into your hearts and your living rooms. Thank you so much.”

As the full speech was shared on Twitter, many fans slammed the broadcaster for cutting out the crux of Siobhán’s message.

Twitter user @catcass19 wrote: “Of course, the most relevant bit was cut. They do need to wise up!”

@MattScript added: “BBC censor #BAFTATVAwards acceptance speech. Most likely under the direction of their Tory bosses. #BBCBias #NorthKorea.”

@OhHeyJacob fumed: “What actually happened VS what the BBC aired. Tell me again how the BBC is unbiased? Why have they cut that out?”

@CumberdickB asked: “Was this ‘live broadcast?’ cos if so I think the trade descriptions act has been breached and I want my licence fee back.” (sic)

eimearg93 added: “I thought after thanking the people of Derry, the flow seemed a bit off. Now It makes Sense.” (sic)

“The fact that she called out everyone so was being unbiased and they still cut it,” @ruairc1978 pointed out.

A BBC spokesperson: told Express.co.uk: “As in previous years, due to the nature of the show it is broadcast with a short delay, and while we always aim to keep the core sentiment of acceptance speeches, edits have to be made due to time constraints.”

The BAFTA Awards is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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