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BBC Breakfasts Naga Munchetty red-faced as guest repeatedly farts live on-air

Dec 22, 2022
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    BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt were left red-faced as a guest farted live on air.

    On Thursday (December 22), Naga and Charlie sat down on the famous red sofa with James and Bethany Jefferson-Loveday and their 'miracle' baby Heidi.

    Heidi was born when both of her parents were battling cancer, with James diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma before her conception and advised his fertility could be affected by chemotherapy.

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    His wife Bethany found out she had Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma at 21 weeks into her pregnancy.

    Thankfully, both parents are now in remission and don't require any further treatment, while Heidi was born happy and healthy.

    But despite Heidi being a very well behaved guest on the show, she had both her parents and the BBC presenters in fits of giggles as she let one rip while the cameras were rolling.

    Before the segment even got going, Heidi had woken up from a nap and let out a bit of gas.

    Naga giggled: "Did she just parp? She just parped! Does she usually wake up like that?"

    "I did hear that," Charlie put in, adding: "It's a welcome to BBC Breakfast. That's what that was!"

    Naga continued through her giggles: "I'm telling a very emotional story here, please, Heidi – let me get on with it!"

    But Heidi wasn't quite finished as she let out another fart later on in the segment.

    This time Charlie was quick to reassure the couple: "It's perfect, it's going to be a punctuation throughout this discussion!" as the sofa once again collapsed into giggles.

    Naga said: "We're talking about cancer and laughing as well," as the moving segment tugged on viewers' heartstrings at home.

    Reacting on Twitter, one fan giggled: "A baby has just farted on BBC Breakfast."

    Another quickly responded: "That's what babies do!" while a third fan said: "So lovely to turn on the news and listen to a good news story from cancer survivors James and Bethany and watch the most gorgeous smiley miracle baby Heidi steal the show. Such a heartwarming few mins."

    Someone else echoed: "Aww baby Heidi and her mum and Dad on @BBCBreakfast this morning, they’ve had such a tough time. She’s beautiful, I hope all goes well for them now!"

    A fifth fan said: "@BBCBreakfast just watching such a wonderful couple. They have the most beautiful baby I've ever seen!!!!!!!! Pass on my good wishes."


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