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BBC The Traitors fans label Kierans brutal final remark as TV moment of the year

Dec 22, 2022

BBC The Traitors viewers went wild over Kieran's "brutal" remark on Thursday night during the explosive final with show fans branding it as "TV moment of the year".

The final instalment of the hit BBC One show was full of explosive scenes as the "Faithfuls" discovered that Wilfred was a "Traitor", resulting in him being banished just minutes before winning money in the final.

In the end, "Faithfuls" Aaron, Meryl and Hannah were crowned the winners with "Traitors" Wilfred and Kieran banished.

Prior to the winner being revealed, the five finalists had to vote for someone who they thought was a "Traitor" with everyone picking Kieran.

Kieran, who had been recruited as a "Traitor" earlier this week by Wilfred, was not happy as he realised the latter had gone behind his back.

Upon learning he had been voted out, Kieran decided to get back at Wilfred for getting the others to gang up on him and he dropped a series of cryptic bombshells, leaving his fellow contestants suspicious and baffled.

Revealing the name he would have voted out – he had picked Wilfred – Kieran added in a savage dig: "Parting gift!"

And it was that remark that left the fellow contestants doubting Wilfred, who they had thought was a "Faithful", and he was later banished – meaning "Faithfuls" Meryl, Hannah and Aaron won the show taking home £33,000 each.

Taking to Twitter after Kieran's "parting gift" remark, viewers went wild over the "brutal" comment, labelling it as "TV moment" of the year.

One person said: "'Parting Gift' The reality TV moment of 2022 #TheTraitors."

A different account put: "Parting gift – as mic drops go, it was impressive. #TheTraitors."

Another follower wrote: "Traitors finished a hour ago and I’m still not over it one of the best finals of reality tv ever “parting gift” the best reality programme since early BB days #TheTraitors."

A different viewer said: "“Parting gift” is the TV moment of all TV moments #TheTraitors @BBC @ClaudiaWinkle."

While another show watcher added: "'Parting gift' is TV moment of the year oh my god. What an incredible show and a fantastic episode to end on. Roll on series 2 ASAP. And Claudia has been the perfect presenter #TheTraitors."


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