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Ben Prices makeover from unknown Home and Away star to Coronation Street hunk

Jun 30, 2021

Today, Ben Price is likely best known as Coronation Street's Nick Tilsley, having breathed life into the character since 2009.

Nick, who was previously played by Adam Rickitt and Warren Jackson, has been central to the drama in Weatherfield in recent months after he was ushered into witness protection.

His son Sam had a brush with death when shots were fired on the street, and now Nick is desperately trying to prove his suitability as a father to his enraged ex Natasha Blakeman.

Though he is a favourite to Corrie fans, the soap star's acting career stretches back to the late nineties, and he has even earned acclaim as a writer and director.

In honour of Ben's 49th birthday – which takes place on June 30 – Daily Star has done a deep dive into his acting past, looking at his impressive portfolio as a star of the small screen.

Long before Weatherfield came calling, Ben was cast in the first-ever episode of Home and Away to be set in Britain.

The legendary Aussie soap decided to take a trip overseas in 1998, in a one-off special filmed in Ironbridge in Shropshire.

In one of his first credited roles, he played a man named Geoffrey Burns, whose father showed Home and Away legend Irene Roberts around the village.

Irene, played by Jacqy Phillips, had travelled to the rural idyll to visit characters Marilyn Chambers and Selina Cook.

Smalltime roles in soaps like Heartbeat and Hope and Practice followed, only for Ben to join the Footballers' Wives hall of fame.

Cast in 2004, he played Conrad Gates, who famously had a romance with one of his teammates, Noah Alexander, played by Marcel McCalla.

Giving David Beckham a run for his money, Ben channelled the noughties footballers of the era, with frosted tips and plenty of fake tan.

The series followed the lives of the players of Premier League football club Earls Park F.C, with illicit romances and wandering eyes off-pitch.

Conrad had been married to Amber (Laila Rouass) at the time, as well as having an affair with his mistress Tanya Turner (Zöe Lucker).

Four years after he said goodbye to Footballers' Wives, Ben was cast in Corrie, and hasn't looked back since.

Discussing his role on Footballers' Wives, Ben previously confirmed he wouldn't be willing to return for a revival.

He told Digital Spy: "Would I want to come back? I don't know. We're done, aren't we? I think it was a moment. I know people have talked about it, but it's a bit of a weird space for me, because I'm in Corrie.

"I'm sure there will be a revival, but I can't see Conrad coming back."

Though a talented actor, Ben's skillset stretches to writing and directing, even launching his own production company, Bolo Films.

He released his first short film, I'm Sorry to Tell You, in 2015, with the feature going on to get shortlisted for a Bafta.

The film, starring Ian Puleston-Davies, sees a doctor on his death bed practice delivering a terminal diagnosis to a patient.

Ben went on to release several more films, casting one of his Coronation Street co-stars in the lead role in 2016's Taubman.

Jack P Shepherd, who plays Ben's on-screen brother in Corrie, portrayed an interviewer for a man who applied for a passport.

Ben's most recent film, Three Minutes of Silence, was released last year, telling the story of a young girl who discovers boxing.

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