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Ben Shephard stuns Tipping Point contestant with shock outburst over risky move

Jun 11, 2021

FANS of Tipping Point were left in a stunned silence when Ben Shephard chastised a contestant for her risky moves.

In the chaotic first round, the ITV host sternly criticised her technique as she eagerly tried to get some money out of the counter-dropping machine.

Guests Keith, Angie, Stuart and Tori faced the arcade game in a competitive first round, going down to the wire to see who would be eliminated first.

On the Thursday afternoon show, Tori desperately tried to make up ground on the pack's leader, Keith, who was closely chased by Angie and Stuart.

Tori was finally able to put a counter into the machine when Ben asked players for the name of the "wizarding school" Harry Potter attended.

The excited contestant buzzed in and shouted "Hogwarts" before laughing with Ben about her over-excited response.

Opting for drop zone one, Tori quickly plunged a counter onto the top shelf in a risky drop, with Ben noting: "It's very, very tight to the shelf."

"It's flat," he added with relief, before critiquing her technique: "Nearly, Tori. You nearly had a rider but you got away with it."

Tori managed to knock one counter off the machine, adding £50 to her prize fund – before the questions continued in the first round.

However, Tori's reckless approach didn't stop, and neither did Ben's warnings, as she answered further questions correctly.

Obtaining a second correct answer, she didn't take time to consider the options and after selecting a drop-zone, hastily pressed the button.

As the shelf was in a less-than-primed position, with the counter hurtling down, a confused Ben shouted: "What was that?"

Once again, the counter luckily fell flat instead of "riding", with Ben repeating his earlier outburst that she had once again "got away with" it.

Tori made it through to round two with a minimal £200 in her prize fund, fending off competition from Angie who had £150.

Keith led the way with £600, while Stuart finished in second with an impressive £300 to play with as the game went on.

In the second round, Tori's luck appeared to run out as Stuart and Keith went on to put money in their prize pots, leaving her empty-handed.

Keith went on to compete until the end of the show as the day's winner, and was given the chance to take home the potential £20,000 jackpot out the machine.

While Ben may not have been convinced by Tori's ability, fans quickly flocked to social media to share their love for the contestant.

"Think I am in love with Tori," one wrote on Twitter, as a second agreed: "I wanted her to win! She's lovely!"

Another said after her early exit from the hit ITV show: "Tori's gone!! No point watching now."

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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