Kaley Cuoco discusses the ending of The Big Bang Theory

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Many fans of the CBS sitcom have chosen to re-watch the series for its hilarious and quirky jokes. The Big Bang Theory hit the screens in 2007 and gained a ton of fans across the world, one of which recently spotted a baffling plot hole about Penny Hofstadter (played by Kaley Cuoco) and her missing sister.

Penny first featured in the pilot episode of the show as the waitress who lived in the apartment across the hall from Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons).

She lived on her own until her husband Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) joined her in season nine.

Before their marriage, the couple had an on and off relationship but finally agreed to be with each other when Leonard proposed in the episode titled The Gorilla Dissolution.

Since then there was pressure from their friends for a wedding date and, eventually, the pair eloped at a chapel in Las Vegas, before getting married again with their loved ones there in season 10.

However, it was during this wedding a viewer noticed something odd and took to Reddit: “During her wedding only her Mother, Father and Brother came, but in one of the episodes Penny also mentioned that she had a sister.

“She said something along the lines of my father wants to dance with his daughter during her wedding, he almost did it at my sister’s wedding, but her water broke.

“So did they just forget about her or what happened? Like a fallout or something.

“It is also mentioned she shot her husband when she was drunk.”

The viewer also added: “I also believe that when Penny bought a comic from Stuart for her Nephew, I guess it was for her son.”

This is true, despite previously mentioning her sister Lisa in season two, she never actually made an appearance on the show, not even for Penny’s wedding.

Another time Lisa was brought up on the show was in the episode titled The Status Quo Combustion.

Penny was talking to her mother about being engaged to Leonard and mentioned that her sister was pregnant and got married.

This was later confirmed in season nine when Penny revealed that her sister water broke at her wedding right before her father and daughter dance.

Other fans of the show also took to Reddit to confirm the plot hole. One commented: “Since it’s never mentioned, there’s no way to know, but she wasn’t portrayed as being particularly close with her family other than her father.”

Another fan provided a reasonable excuse: “If she shot her husband, she’s probably in jail so we never see her.”

To which somebody else agreed: “Then incarceration might be the most plausible explanation.”

Another person that didn’t make an appearance at her wedding was Penny’s nephew.

He also never made an appearance on the show but was mentioned a handful of times.

Including the episode where Penny was buying the comic for him, she mentioned that he was 13 years old.

He was also spoken about by her father Wyatt Teller (Keith Carradine) who stated that he didn’t want his grandchildren living in a house with wheels, which led fans to speculate that Penny sister and her son lived in a motor home.

All episodes of Big Bang Theory is available to stream on CBS.

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