Tommy’s Head of Household reign was overtaken by America’s Vote, resulting in his ride-or-die in the house, Christie, sitting on the block as a special third nominee.

Fan-favorite competition OTEV returned at a pivotal point in "Big Brother" for the remnants of the Six Shooters, which is really just Sis (Analyse), Tommy, Christie and Nick.

With Americas Field Trip depositing Christie on the block as a third nominee on Tommy’s watch, there was a good chance heading into the night that she just might secure enough votes to get evicted. Looks like America isn’t the only one that "hates" you.

And it may well have been the last chance for Tommy’s nominees, Cliff and Kathryn, to have a chance at staying in this game and playing together. Would the Six Shooters lose one of their own or would Cliff’s Angels face their first casualty?

At this point, it’s getting more complicated to know who to root for and who to want gone. The Six Shooters were easily the villains of the season, but they were also running the house. The problem is they did so with needless personal attacks and by ostracizing the rest of the house not just in the game, but socially as well.

A lot of that has improved in recent weeks, but it’s hard to overlook the incessant bullying and awful behavior of both Christie and Michie (Jackson), who are now gunning for one another. Sis has shown a bit of a mean streak, while Tommy jumps on and off the bandwagon of saying nasty things about the other players.

Nick proved willing to bully and be nasty alongside Isabella and ready to jump back into the fray any time someone is ready to badmouth someone else. Cliff’s Angels, meanwhile, have mostly stayed above the petty behavior. In part this is because they’re a little older and more mature, or they have some understanding of what it’s like to be on the outside and treated like garbage, so why would they do that to someone else?


Christie picked Nick to play for her — and why not because he basically says he’s going to win every comp and when he doesn’t, it’s because he chose not to (dude must be the best competition player of all time!) — while Cliff went for Michie. Unfortunately, Nick’s belief that the Six are stronger absolutely proved true.

Michie was the first one out, followed quickly by Cliff (eliminated by a heartbroken Kat). Christie and Kat then fell, leaving Tommy to take out Nick and regain total control this week.

If you believe the Six are the "bad guys," then this was a good week for the "bad guys." Even though America tried to help the "good guys" by getting Christie, Sis or Michie on the block, Tommy was able to regain control of his HOH and take his ride-or-die off the block. And as a special third nominee, Christie does not get replaced.

That’s a worst case scenario for the Angels, as now Kat and Cliff must campaign against one another, see one of their closest friends and allies in the house get sent through that door, and lose crucial numbers against the Six.

All the while, Tommy and Sis are working hard to rope Holly and Michie back in, though they don’t seem to get just how much Michie despises Christie and wants her gone. That vision has spilled out over to Holly as well, so while the couple isn’t fully committed to the side of the Angels, they are nevertheless numbers on their side if they can regain control and target Christie.

After that, it’s impossible to say where Michie and Holly would go in the house.

HouseGuest Report Cards

Tommy regained control of his week like a boss. And as a student of the game, he is currently doing everything right toward not just power and influence now, but toward scoring votes in the end. The only weakness he might have is his blind loyalty to Christie, but it’s yet to be fully tested how far he is willing to go for her. For now, though, his game is golden. Grade: A+

Holly remains quietly in one of the best spots in the house. Michie is a giant shield in front of her and the showmance is in that flex spot where they can go where the wind blows, or the power lies. Plus, Holly clearly has a great grasp on the social dynamics and a cool enough head to weigh things in a measured way before acting. Grade: A

Michie is playing a bold and dangerous game, but one that has him being courted by everyone in the house rather than targeted. His blind focus on Christie could be an issue down the line, but for now it puts him in line with the majority of players in the house. Plus, he’s improved his social game and overall behavior in the house, so he should be good for a bit. Grade: B+

Jessica, like Holly, is playing a logical and intelligent game. The only thing she does that’s risky is not strongly align herself with anyone. That can only get you so far in the game, as eventually long-standing alliances will win out. She is part of Cliff’s Angels, but they’ve even said they were basically an alliance out of necessity, or simply by being excluded from every other alliance. Grade: B

Nicole is a quiet observer of the game, which makes some people nervous. But she’s done a good job of keeping her threat level lower than so many other players in the house, she might just be the only true black widow the house has had this season. For now, though, it keeps her in the middle of the house and overlooked. Grade: B

Nick has chosen sides finally, and even gone so far as to flirt heavily with Tommy, but he doesn’t really have the respect of anyone in the house. Plus, no one does confessionals worse this season; his are almost impossible to watch. Nick might make it toward the end, but it would be because no one left in the house thinks they would lose to him. He played both sides too much. Grade: B-

Analyse is a little adrift and lost right now. If the Six fail to reform then all she has is Tommy and Christie. They’ll drag her along as a number as long as they can, but at some point she’s going to have to decide to play this game. Grade: C

Christie is the biggest target in the house, so she basically needs Sis, Tommy, Nick and herself to win every HOH from this point forward or people will start taking their shots. It’s naive to think it’s going to be easy for her to make it through the next few weeks, but we’ve see crazier things happen. Ultimately, Christie brought this on herself by manifesting cruelty, rudeness, disrespect and arrogance throughout this game. Grade: C-

Cliff and Kathryn are evenly matched right now in the worst spot in the house. One of them will go home, but it’s not at all clear who it will be. Tommy said his target was Kat, but who is seen as the bigger threat in the game? Who is seen as possibly someone who might flip on their alliance to help bolster the Six? Which one would hurt the Angels least to lose? It’s an impossible choice, so we’re not going to make it here. We’ll all find out Thursday night! Grade: D

House Chatter

"Kat has a good working relationship with everyone in the house … except me. Cliff is a pawn." –Tommy (explaining his nominations)

"I guess I’m just mad because I believe in karma." –Christie (upset she’s on the block … some might argue this is karma)

"You guys are the cutest showmance here." –Christie (about Tommy and Nick)

"I chose Michie because he’s an enemy of Christie’s, I think, and if he wins the veto, even if he doesn’t pull me off, he should keep Christie on. And if I can keep Christie on the block, there’s a good chance of sending her home on eviction night." –Cliff (strategizing to the end)

"I don’t know how many chances we would have to take a shot at Christie without having to put her up ourselves." –Michie (to Sis)

"If she goes, you’re going to be the next biggest target." –Sis (arguing with Michie for keeping Christie)

"I do not want to work with Christie. To be honest, I’d rather go play in traffic." –Michie

"Cliff, I’m so sorry!" –Kat (crying after stealing Cliff’s rope)

"Kat, why are you crying? I was the one eliminated. You have got to get our head in this game. Christie and Tommy are still competing. If either one of the wins and Christie comes off the block, one of us will be going home this week. Pull yourself together." –Cliff (confessional)

"America’s Field Trip really threw me for a loop. But now, with this, I get to get my HOH back on track and have all the control this week." –Tommy (after winning POV)

"Once again we let a big target slip through our fingers and I may be the one paying the price." –Cliff

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