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Blake Horstmann Hooks Up with "Half the Cast" in New 'Bachelor in Paradise' Promo

Aug 9, 2019

Bachelor in Paradise is D-E-L-I-V-E-R-I-N-G this season, mostly thanks to Blake Horstmann who is a mess the likes of which not even Marie Kondo could fix. And his behavior in the promo for next week’s episode of BiP looks fully deranged.

To quickly recap Blake arrived in Paradise all “la la la, palm trees, romance, free vacation!” and quickly found himself caught in a dramatic love pentagon. Not only did he come face-to-face with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman, both of whom he hooked up with at Stagecoach, he asked Tayshia Adams out on a date. Oh, AND it was revealed that he flew to Alabama to visit Hannah Godwin.

Blake! BLAKE!!!!

You’d think this dude would spend next week’s episodes trying to remain chill, but instead it looks like he spends his time hooking up with someone who appears to be Hannah, ’cause—as Us Weekly notes—they’re seen kissing multiple times in the promo below.

To quote Jordan Kimball, “Blake’s making moves to half the cast out here.”

FYI, Blake has been causing a lot of drama off screen too. He recently released his private texts with Caelynn without her permission, causing a ton of Bachelor Nation backlash and for Chris Harrison to call him a “dumpster fire.”

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