CHRIS Evans insists he'll do ANYTHING to raise money to fight dementia.

The 53-year-old DJ spoke about his latest philanthropic endeavor on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show this morning.

He said: "Scott Mitchell, Barbara Windsor's husband will be with us tomorrow, and tell us what is going on with Barbara.

"Especially this week, she has been lobbying the new Prime Minister about dementia care.

"Now one in eight die from dementia, it is now the big killer.

"Every penny we raise, you raise by coming with us to run the marathon, or the half, or the 8km, or just come for the heck of it.

"I do anything to raise money for this cause, within reason, or without reason."

Chris is set to run the Amsterdam Marathon later this year, and he's running for Dementia Revolution.

He is also auctioning off 50 seats on a chartered plane from Farnborough to Amsterdam for the charity.

Chris has said: "One and a half million people are affected by dementia in one way or another…. This is for Dame Barbara Windsor and Scott.

"The package is fantastic, the frothy coffee man (Chris’ assistant) has really stepped up to the plate on this one. Real old school big charity package.

"Fly in style, we have hired a plane, we are going on own plane.

"Why the heck not? We got a private plane on a Boeing 737-300 VIP, with snacks, bar, tea and coffee."

He continued: "Jet off from Farnborough to Amsterdam with us guys on Friday 18th October to Monday 21st October. How come we are doing this? Because we want big bids, we want to make it special.

"We have 50 seats up for grabs… You can run the marathon, the half or five miler, which is 8KM, so you don’t have to be ready or you can just come along for the fun.

"As long as you pay for your trip!"

The auction will take place live The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Skybetween 06:30 – 10:00 am on Thursday 8th August.

Listeners are urged to call 020 7782 7777 to place their bid on the day to be in with the chance to be part of an unforgettable Amsterdam Marathon Weekender.

Chris is a keen runner, and has completed the London Marathon five times in the past, most recently this April where he finished the 26.2 mile run in four hours and 48 minutes.

Chris' best marathon time so far is four hours and 41 minutes, which he achieved in the 2017 race.

He previously said of running: "The marathon gives you a goal and a great focus. It means you have to lay off the naughty stuff after Christmas.

"Running is a positive addiction."

The Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show with Sky, weekdays from 6:30am.

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