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‘Claws:’ Niecy Nash Made Her Directorial Debut For ‘Zaddy Was a Rolling Stone’

Jul 8, 2019

Niecy Nash, who plays Desna in Claws, made her directorial debut with Season 3, Episode 5 “Zaddy Was A Rolling Stone.” She hit on a deep topic, reconciling with an absentee parent, and did an excellent job of portraying anger and hurt for the past as well as hope and optimism for the future. However, Mac Lovestone is jealous of Dean’s father coming back into his life and wants to sever the relationship before it begins. How did the meeting between Desna and Dean with their father go? Keep reading to find out!

Roller and Desna officially became a couple

The former flame has been toying with rekindling their romance since the beginning of the season when they killed a man together. She told Roller that she wanted to focus on herself, but Roller wanted to make things official. He went as far as enlisting Polly’s help on how to dress and eat like a gentleman. However, casino owners, Mac and Melba Lovestone, kidnapped him before he could show Desna his new skills.

While Desna embarked on the terrifying journey to save her lover from the bizarre Lovestones, she realized that she fell in love with Roller. As Desna continued nursing Roller back to health, he started talking about redecorating the place, assuming he has moved in. However, Desna is reluctant because other men have hurt her and let her down several times. Desna ended up giving Roller a chance and allowing him to move in, as long as he pays half of the bills because she doesn’t have the casino gig anymore.

Desna and Dean reconnected with their father

While figuring out her relationship with Roller, Desna realized it’s hard for her to trust men because her father abandoned her at a young age. Desna admitted to the ladies at the salon that she had kept tabs on her father, Calvin, and he is a prominent architect. Everyone convinced her to see him, so she visited him at his job, and he was visibility taken aback by her.

However, he gained his composure and asked to talk another time. When Desna challenged him, he firmly asked her to leave. She left, crying, and felt stupid for wanting to know anything about him. The next day, Calvin came to Desna’s salon and apologized for his reaction.

Desna opened up to him about how hard her and Dean’s lives were, growing up in foster care because he chose drugs over them. Not having had any children after Desna and Dean, Calvin said he wanted to get to know the siblings, and visited Dean at the casino. Calvin sat down next to Dean and played a game with Mahjong with him, but Dean became very frustrated when he lost the game because he was talking to Calvin.

Dean told Calvin to leave so he could focus on his game, but Calvin returned with Desna. She explained to him the identity of Calvin, but Dean still only cared about the game. Mac Lovestone, who had been coaching Dean in Mahjong, saw Calvin with Dean and told his security to find out who Calvin is.

The Lovestones try to eliminate Calvin

Calvin invited Dean to a private tour of the Smithsonian Institution. He then explained he had connections because his company did the restoration. The casino security guard overheard this bit of information and relayed it to his boss. Mac showed up at Calvin’s job and gave him an envelope of money to stay away from Dean. He wanted Calvin out of the picture so he can continue acting as a father figure to Dean. However, Calvin genuinely wants to be a part of his son’s life, so he refused the offer. Then, he stopped at a cafe for a cup of coffee, where Melba spiked his drink.

Calvin invited Desna, Dean, Virginia, and Roller to his company’s ceremony. He showed up, under the influence and acted erratically, and then ended up throwing up on stage. Dean and Desna became angry with Calvin because they assumed he relapsed. But Calvin went to Desna’s salon and explained the Lovestones’ connections to his behavior. Therefore, Desna attempted to get Dean and away from Mac. However, he refused and chose Mac over his family. The episode ended with Desna gathering her gun to get her brother out of the casino.

Will Desna get Dean away from Mac Lovestone? Keep watching Claws on Sundays at 8 P.M. EST on TNT to find out!

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