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Clayton Echard Tells Contestants He's Slept with Both of Them in World's Horniest 'Bachelor' Trailer

Dec 7, 2021

Hey, so remember when the vibe in Bachelor Nation re: Clayton Echard was one of WHY HIM? To recap: fans were initially questioning the choice to cast Clayton and gearing up for what everyone assumed would be a zzzz season, but ABC appears to have dropped the horniest trailer ever in response.

The network gave us a lengthy look at Clayton’s season, and the footage mostly consists of makeout scenes, plus some exploding champagne (we see what you did there, ABC Trailer Editor). Like, I simply wasn’t prepared for this much tongue at 8:00 AM on a Tuesday, but here we are!

Most brow-raising of all, though, is the fact that Clayton casually told two contestants that he—to quote the man himself—”was intimate with both of you.” (Note: this was after he informed multiple women that he was either falling in love or was in love with them.)

So yeah, to recap, this season seems to largely consist of Clayton making out with people, having tons of sex, and then awkwardly announcing said sex to his several contestants who clearly make it pretty far. Because apparently the show is now spoiling itself?

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