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Cleveland Abduction film leaves horrified Netflix viewers branding it disturbing

Apr 20, 2022

A 2015 film based on an American true crime has left Netflix viewers reeling in shock after it was added to the streaming site.

Cleveland Abduction tells the story of the Ariel Castro kidnappings which took place in the early 2000s.

The film tells how a single mum, Michelle Knight, become the first victim of depraved kidnapper Castro in 2002.

After he snatched her, she was trapped in his Cleveland, Ohio home for 11 years.

Though some viewers have praised the gritty drama, others admit to feeling deeply disturbed by the depiction of the true crime story, which stunned America

One viewer said: "Cleveland Abduction on Netflix is unbelievably disturbing."

Another admitted: "Cleveland Abduction is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever watched. There’s some sick freaks in this world."

The film stars Orange Is The New Black actress Taryn Manning as Michelle, who later formed a bond with two other women who are also taken captive by Castro.

Michelle's terrible ordeal started on 23 August 2002, when Castro struck after she left her cousin's house. She accepted a lift from him as she knew him as the father of one of her peers at school.

The Netflix synopsis for the film says: "Abducted and imprisoned, Michelle Knight finds the will to survive amid the most horrific and heartbreaking of circumstances in this true-crime drama."

Only 21 years old at the time, Michelle had been scheduled to appear in court for a child custody case for her son before her abduction.

After Michelle's kidnapping, Amanda Berry, who was 17, became the second victim when she was snatched in April 2003.

In a sick twist to the story, Amanda went on to give birth to Castro’s child while in captivity.

The third victim was 14 year old Gina DeJesus who went missing in April 2004.

Michelle's grim ordeal went on until 2013, when she was rescued after Berry managed to escape and alert authorities.

One viewer pondering the terrible experience Castro's victims went through said: "Just finished watching Cleveland Abduction & it brought me to tears."

Another shared similar feelings, saying: "I can’t even imagine how traumatizing it must have been for those girls."

But while viewers unfamiliar with the story have been stunned by Castro's crimes, there is no need for nightmares about him striking again.

He was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment plus 1,000 years in prison, with no possibility of parole.

But like Fred West in the UK, Castro wasn't set to spend the rest of his life contemplating the lives he wrecked, as he ended his llife in his prison cell a month after he was found guilty over the shocking crimes.

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