Coming to America 2 is a sequel thirty years in the making, and just about every one of the original cast members are back and ready to film. As every Sexual Chocolate fan knows, the first film focused on the pampered Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) – the heir to the throne in the fictional country of Zamunda – traveling to Queens in New York to find his own queen. Coming to America 2 will tell the story of Prince Akeem, who is preparing to be crowned when he finds out some shocking news that will change his life.

Goingback to America

Coming to Americaended with Prince Akeem rejecting the woman to which he was betrothed – ImanIzzi (Vanessa Bell Calloway) – and marrying Lisa McDowell (Shari Headley), whohe fell in love with during his undercover trip to America.

Prince Akeem met Lisa when he worked at herfather Cleo’s (John Amos) fast food restaurant McDowell’s, which was a blatantrip-off of McDonald’s. Coming to America is legendary in the comedy world, asit starred both Murphy and Arsenio Hall (whose main role was as Prince Akeem’sbest friend, Semmi) playing numerous memorable characters of different ages andgenders.

This time they are returning to America whenthey find out that Prince Akeem has a son named Lavelle. Akeem and Semmi areheading back to New York so that father and son can meet, and Akeem can groomLavelle for the royal life he’s been missing.

Filmingis ready to begin in Georgia

Cameras recently caught Murphy arriving inGeorgia so the Coming to America 2 cast and crew can begin filming, andHall hopped off the plane right beside him. Fans will be excited to know thatMurphy and Hall aren’t the only original cast members who will be returning forthe highly-anticipated sequel.

According to Cinema Blend, James Earl Jones (who play Akeem’s father King Jaffe Joffer), John Amos, Shari Headley, Vanessa Bell Calloway, and Paul Bates (who fans will remember as Oha) have all signed on to reprise their roles.

Headley was the last original Coming toAmerica cast member to sign on to the project – and it wouldn’t have feltright without her – but, the casting news doesn’t stop there.

Joining the original cast will be JermaineFowler, who just made a splash in Hollywood with his film Sorry to Bother You, KiKi Layne from If Beale Street Could Talk, SaturdayNight Live’s Leslie Jones, rapper Rick Ross, and Blade himself, Wesley Snipes.

Unfortunately, Madge Sinclair – who playedPrince Akeem’s mother Queen Aoleon in Coming to America – passed away in1995.

JermaineFowler will reportedly play Eddie Murphy’s long-lost son

It appears that Fowler will play the role ofLavelle, and Jones has the role of his mother. Layne has been cast as PrinceAkeem and Lisa’s daughter, which means she is a princess of Zamunda and not amale heir.

According to Coming to America 2 plotleaks making their way around the internet, King Jaffe Joffer’s dying wish isfor Akeem to find his son, which is what leads him to return to America. Thebig question is – will Lavelle move to Zamunda and become the heir, cutting infront of his sister?

We don’t know yet if Cleo stayed in Zamundawith his daughter, or if he returned to Queens to run his restaurant, and it’sunclear how Imani Izzi will fit into the story after losing her chance to beQueen of Zamunda. Snipes will reportedly play General Izzi, Imani’s brother.

Craig Brewer, who recently worked with Murphy in the upcoming Netflix film Dolemite Is My Name, has signed on as director.

Filming is scheduled to begin in just a fewdays, and Coming 2 America will hittheaters on December 18, 2020.

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