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Coronation Street fans all have the same complaint as Peter Barlow hits the pub – but can you spot the problem?

Jan 7, 2022

PETER Barlow was in for a very awkward conversation on Thursday's (January 6, 2022) Corrie.

But during an exchange with Sally Metcalfe, fans were baffled to see him vaping, questioning whether he was breaking the law.

Peter (played by Chris Gascoyne) was in the Rovers, enjoying a glass of orange juice while reading his newspaper.

Confronted by a moody Sally (Sally Dynevor), who went on a shopping trip after being snubbed by her husband Tim, the taxi driver was puffing away inside the pub.

This prompted a wave of startled viewers to question the scene on social media, all wondering if Peter was breaking the law.

"Why was he vaping indoors and when in hospital scenes do they not put masks on?", one Twitter user complained.

"I was shocked to see Peter vaping. They seem to wear masks in hospitals and take them off. I have to say that I have difficulty understanding what they are saying when they wear masks", another commented.

A third fan joined in: "didn't think you were allowed to vape in a pub?"

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"How is he allowed to vape in a non-smoking pub?", asked a fourth confused viewer.

Another handful of Coronation Street fans went even further by tagging ITV bosses in their posts.

"@ITVCorrie since when did you think it was legal to vape in a pub?!", questioned a fifth perplexed user.

However, a quick search on Google will clear up any doubt: there are currently no laws preventing someone from vaping inside a UK pub.

Only conventional cigarette smoking inside establishments has been made illegal in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This has been the case since 2007, meaning that vapes are actually allowed at the venue owner's discretion.

While Twitter users were left puzzled, Tim's vaping wasn't enough to distract Sally from her quest for truth.

In recent Corrie episodes, the Underworld supervisor has also been disconcerted by Tim's behaviour who is obviously hiding something from her.

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After declining to go on a run and lunch with her, claiming he had to work, Tim attended a hospital appointment in Weatherfield General with a cardiologist, as he is in need of a triple bypass.

A procedure he has failed to mention to his wife Sally.

Unaware of Tim's condition, Sally struck up a conversation with Peter in the Rovers, and her suspicion only grew when she was told one of the cab taxi drivers was off sick with a bad ear.

Yet Sally had seen that same cabbie going on a job earlier during the day.

Peter further angered Sally when he admitted that Tim was, in fact, not working at all.

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