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Coronation Street fans confused as two forgotten characters set to make a return

Feb 27, 2023
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    Coronation Street fans seemed confused during Monday night's episode as two forgotten characters were mentioned and gearing up to make a return.

    Amid Carla and Stephen's explosive storyline, where Faye notified Carla that Stephen was going behind her back and trying to turn the staff on her, Faye made a revelation.

    Chatting to Sally Metcalfe, who is married to her dad Tim Metcalfe, making her Faye's step mum, she spoke about her ex and their baby being back on the scene.

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    Born in 2015, Miley Windass is the daughter of Faye and Jackson Hodge, with the baby conceived after the two teens slept together at a party.

    Fans were quick to take to Twitter, clearly slightly confused, when Miley and Jackson were mentioned during Monday's episode (February 27)

    One person wrote: "Faye's forgotten daughter has conveniently returned."

    "Even Sally had forgotten about Jackson and Miley, relatable," added another, referring to Sally's dazed reaction.

    A third then went on to note: "Faye mentioned Miley and Jackson."

    While a fourth joked: "Omg the return of Jackson and Miley! it’s like the Olympics, happens every few years."

    And a confused fifth said: "Omfg Miley Cyrus is back in the UK!"

    Back in September 2015, Jackson moved to Canada and took baby Miley with him and his parents, leaving Faye's adoptive mum Anna Windass heartbroken.

    Then in March 2017, Faye was shocked to see Jackson with Miley at Weatherfield General.

    In Monday's episode, Faye confided in Sally when she explained how Jackson made contact asking if she wants to see him and her baby.

    Explaining that she came to terms with never being a mother due to her menopause, Faye tells Sally that she "gave up Miley up for a reason" and how she "doesn't feel anything for her", urging that she was "right" to give her up.


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