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Coronation Street fans predict Corey HIV diagnosis as Seb murder trial begins

Sep 1, 2021

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Coronation Street fans are certain they've figured out a huge twist in store for Corey Brent, as Seb Franklin's murder trial gets underway.

According to flashbacks from Seb's girlfriend Nina Lucas, Corey was the one to cause Seb's fatal injuries, while two of his cronies beat up Nina just metres away.

But it looked like Corey had licked Seb's blood off his hand while stepping back from the attack – and, as he was HIV positive, the illness could have transferred to Corey.

Taking to social media, one fan predicted: "Did Corey lick Seb's blood off his hand? That's what it looked like. Seb was HIV positive. Possible evidence for Imran?"

Someone else posted: "Would it be too dark/distasteful to have Corey contract HIV after beating Seb to death? It would also basically prove his guilt!"

"Don't forget Seb had HIV. Corey grazed his hand hitting Seb. Next storyline?" another wrote.

While a fourth fan theorised: "I think they purposely showed us Corey licking his hand to start us thinking […] They might use it as another 'awareness' story."

Another eagle-eyed viewer was sure Corey would be found guilty if the twist turned out to be true, writing: "Maybe when he finds out Seb had it he will panic and that's how he gets caught out that he was there!"

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However, others quickly pointed out that Seb was on medication to control his HIV, with one explaining: "He was on medication so he didn't pass it on."

"Seb's HIV was non transmissible, but it would be a good storyline to highlight myths and prejudices about the virus," another said.

While someone else posted: "If he was on the HIV medication I don't think he would have been infectious."

The NHS website states that HIV is treated with antiretroviral medicine, which works by stopping the virus replicating in the body.

The trial kicked off on Wednesday, as Corey's defence lawyer lined up to quiz Nina – back in her full Goth attire – about her recollections from the attack.

Bringing up Nina's graphic novel, Imran's ex-wife Sabeen offered the opinion that her memories were simply "fiction", as Nina had changed her statement.

But an emotional Nina denied that theory, insisting she'd had flashbacks from the traumatic event which had killed her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Imran was clearly crossing his fingers that Nina's revised statement would allow his foster daughter Kelly to go free, after she'd spent months in custody.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

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