LEANNE Battersby is devastated next week in Coronation Street when Nick finally tells her that he has a son with his ex Natasha.

The discovery comes at a cruel time for Leanne as she launches a court battle to stop her son Oliver’s life support being switched off.

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Nick was in the dark about the fact that he had a child with his former girlfriend Natasha until recently, who was sent packing in 2010 after pretending she was pregnant to keep Nick interested.

But when Nick bumped into Natasha at the hospital while Oliver was undergoing treatment for mitochondrial disease, he was left suspicious after overhearing her talking to a doctor about her nine-year-old son.

After confronting her, Natasha eventually admitted that Sam was his son.

Nick will decide to meet his son Sam for the first time this week, and will be over the moon when he reveals his passion for astronomy.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Leanne watch over Oliver. 

Meanwhile, Nick listens to a message from Sam inviting him to join him and Natasha for a day out. 

Nick confides in Gail about his discovery, but tells her he thinks it would all be too much for Leanne given what she’s going through with Oliver. 

Meanwhile, a hopeful Leanne meets with a hospital mediator but her and Steve's bubbles are burst when the doctor reiterates that there’s nothing they can do for Oliver – and that a second opinion would be a waste of money. 

Leanne vows to fight for Oliver, even if it means going to court. 

Gail advises Nick to come clean to Leanne and tell her about Sam, but Nick still fears that now isn’t the time. 

Later, Nick and Tracy arrive at the hospital to find Steve and Leanne spending thousands on a court case. 

But Tracy throws a spanner in the works when she says no to the sale of Street Cars and the florists, telling Steve she won’t throw their future away on a case they’ve already lost. 

Steve is left raging and breaks down by Oliver’s bedside. 

Meanwhile, Nick leaves a message for Sam and tells him he’d love to see him. 

Later in the week, Gail is thrilled to meet her grandson for the first time. 

But when Nick finds himself trapped in a meeting about Oliver with their new barrister when he's supposed to be meeting Sam and Gail, he's forced to reveal to Leanne that he's discovered he has a son.

How will Leanne take the news?

When Nick admits that he met Sam a few days ago but didn’t want to put her under any more pressure by telling her, a devastated Leanne insists Sam and Natasha come to the hospital. 

As she meets Sam, how will Leanne react?

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