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Corrie fans outraged as Fiz slams teacher victim Rosie with strumpet remark

May 23, 2022

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Corrie fans were fuming with Cobbles regular Fiz Brown after she slammed former kidnapping victim Rosie Webster for being a "strumpet".

The latest edition of the hit ITV soap saw Fiz (Jennifer McAlpine) and Tyrone (Alan Halsall) attempt to explain things to Fiz's daughter Hope, who has grown suspicious she's been left in the dark about her dad's identity.

Hope (Isabella Flanagan) found outa number of bombshell truths about her killer teacher dad John Stape, such as that he kidnapped his pupil Rosie Webster twice and had an affair with the student.

However, Fiz put her foot in it with Corrie viewers when she seemed to place some blame on Rosie and defend John.

She told Hope that John gave compensation to Rosie for kidnapping her, but she proceeded to call Rosie a "strumpet".

Fiz said: "Then he sold his grandma's house and gave the money to Rosie."

Tyrone added: "Yeah. Sort of like compensation."

A gobsmacked Hope replied: "For kidnapping her?", to which Tyrone confirmed: "Twice."

Fiz then said: "But it was complicated, because Rosie Webster. She was a bit of a strumpet."

Tyrone looked taken aback as he said: "Yeah, but basically for kidnapping her."

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Fiz then claimed her former flame John only kidnapped the former pupil as she ended his teaching career.

Fans were furious with Fiz for appearing to sympathise with murderous John so much and point the finger at vulnerable infant victim Rosie.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer said: "Kidnapped Rosie because she was a 'strumpet'. Shame on you Fizz"

A second agreed: "Strumpet ?f*** off fizz you muppet"

Teasing the latest dramatic storyline to hit the cobbles, Jennie told Daily Star and other press: "For whatever reason, Phill has all this information about John Stape and Hope finds out stuff about her dad that she didn't want to find out.

"A giant digger and Phill's car are involved.

The soap star said: "She would go back in a heartbeat to Tyrone that was pre Alina [Pop] and didn't break her heart.

"It's the thing she can't get over. She could go back if he hadn't done it but but she can't get over what he did to her and their family."

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