Michelleand Jim Bob Duggar raised their children with extremely strict rules. TheDuggar kids were brought up with very conservative values and deep ties toreligion. With that said, they didn’thave the same freedoms that most modern American kids were given.

Through the years, two family members have stuck out as the most rebellious in terms of their parents’ rules. And now, they have one surprising thing in common.

The Duggar kids have a hefty set of house rules

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar definitely didn’t raise theirkids as freely as most parents do. The family is very religious, and Michelleand Jim Bob believe that everything done on earth should be for God. With thatsaid, the kids had to obey very strict rules. They couldn’t date, only court(getting to know someone with the intention of marriage). The kids were notallowed to have any physical intimacy before marriage, either.

The girls are taught to care for their kids and husband and to always be available for their husbands. The boys are raised to get jobs to support their families. And it all comes down to the idea that the Duggar kids should raise large families of their own to spread God’s word.

Jinger Duggar has quickly become known as the family rebel

When Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo back in 2016, she was immediately whisked off to a new life in Laredo, Texas. Since then, Jinger and Jeremy have relocated to California, and Jinger has arguably become the most rebellious Duggar. She dyed her hair blonde last year and revealed that she watches television and listens to modern music. She and Jeremy have taken on a much different way of life from the way she was raised, though the two are still very religious.

Jill Duggar has defied her family in various ways

Jill Duggar reportedly is no longer close to her parents.She married Derick Dillard in 2014, and the two left the show (a rebelliousmove on its own) in 2017. Though Jill and Derick live a similar lifestyle toher parents, they no longer listen to them. The two have made their own rules (theyeven dressed up for Halloween), and Derickhas defied Jim Bob’s role as the head honcho.

Some fans feel sorry for Jill, since her parents don’t seem to want to keep a strong relationship with her. But it’s possible she’s better off without them.

Both women recently chopped off all their hair — against the Bible’s wishes 

Jill and Jinger have something very surprising in common:They chopped off all their hair. A little while back, Jill shocked fans whenshe cut off more than a foot of hair; Jinger recently posted an Instagram photoshowing much shorter locks, too.

According to the Bible, a woman’s long hair is a huge partof her image. The Bible encourages women to have long hair since it showsfemininity. Jill and Jinger both went against this and did their own thing,proving once more that they are the most rebellious in the family.

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