COUNTRYFILE'S Adam Henson fought back tears after a horse segment took an emotional turn.

The BBC One host was thrilled when he met an adorable baby foal on Sunday evening's episode.

The presenter admitted that it was an "emotional" moment as he watched the four-legged foal adjust to life on the farm.

Adam's horse Lexy gave birth to a little colt, who has since been named Braveheart.

Adam was immediately in awe of the foal, he said: "There he is, little fella."

The host was thrilled to see that Braveheart had settled in so well andfollowed the young colt around the stables.

He then turned to Alison, a member of the Holbeach Farm and gushed: "My word Alison, what a handsome foal."

“He’s chunky isn't he?” the farmer continued.

The pair laughed before Alison confirmed saying: “Yes, he is.”

Mother Lexy kept a close eye on her son Braveheart as they spent time exploring the stables together.

Adam was take overwhelmed by their precious bond and remarked: "It’s just so special.

"I feel quite emotional. It’s really, really lovely.”

Adam referred to the difficult year amid the coronavirus, saying that Braveheart's arrival had cheered him up.

He said: "After the troubles we had last year, now to have this little chap.”

Lexy had previously lost a foal and was clearly acting as the "protective" mother.

He continued: "So, quite understandably then, that when he goes walkabouts, Lexy doesn't want to let him out of her sight.

"She’s so protective of her foal isn't she? Such a good mum!"

The TV host delighted his fans with the birth of Braveheart, writing: “Some brilliant news that you've all been waiting for… Lexy’s foal was born last weekend – a colt foal named Braveheart!

“We kept the news under wraps as we were concerned about how the foal would manage after Lexy's last birth.

"Lexy and her foal have bonded incredibly well and she is proving to be a fantastic mother.”

Countryfile airs Sundays on BBC One and is available to stream on iPlayer.

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