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'Cruel Summer': The Tape and Snow Globe; 1 Star Shared This Clue

Jun 6, 2021

After watching Cruel Summer Episode 8, viewers want to know what was on the tape? What does the tape have to do with that snow globe that Jeanette Turner (Chiara Aurelia) begged Mallory Higgins (Harley Quinn Smith) to give her? Why does she want it all of a sudden? Here’s everything we know about the tape and the snow globe.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Cruel Summer Episode 8.]

‘Cruel Summer’: What was on the tape?

In 1995, in Cruel Summer Episode 8, viewers watched Jamie Henson (Froy Gutierrez) play a strange tape recording repeatedly. Later (after begging Jeanette to talk to him), he apologized for punching her. While the two talked, Jeanette noticed a cassette tape recorder. She asked Jamie why he had it.

In Cruel Summer, Jamie explained that the tape is a voicemail from Christmas Eve of 1993, only a few months after Kate went missing. When he played the strange recording, Jeanette heard breathing and a song playing in the background. The voicemail shook her, and she ran out of Jamie’s garage. The tape in Cruel Summer is someone breathing heavily and a music box playing in the background.

The tape and the snow globe

Jeanette immediately went to Mallory Higgins’ house after hearing the tape in Cruel Summer. She asked Mallory for the snow globe back. However, Mallory lied and claimed she didn’t have it anymore. Then she found the snow globe in a box under her bed and played the music box. Sure enough, it was the same melody that viewers heard in the tape.

In the Cruel Summer Episode 9 preview, Jeanette is in front of Martin’s house around Christmas time because there’s a holiday wreath on the door. 

In the midseason trailer for Cruel Summer, Jeanette had the snow globe in her room in 1993. She no longer had glasses or braces, so she was on her way to becoming the “popular” 1994 Jeanette. Pause the video at minute 1:23 for the clip of Jeanette with the snow globe. 

1 ‘Cruel Summer’ star gave a clue about the tape and snow globe

Allius Barnes, who portrays Jeanette’s best friend, Vince, gave a hint to impatient Cruel Summer fans who want to connect the dots about that tape and snow globe.

“I think [the tape and the snow globe] tie together with the ‘You Go Girl’ necklace,” Barnes told Elite Daily. “And it’s a big question as to how each of these characters acquired these things. That’s the bigger question everyone should be asking: How did they come to get them? Just like the ‘You Go Girl’ necklace, [each item] always starts with one owner and somehow ends up with someone else. So finding the origin and who had it first will play a big part in solving the mystery.”

Did the two teens swap the snow globe and the necklace at the same time? What does his clue mean?

Cruel Summer Episode 9 returns to Freeform on June 8, 2021, at 10 p.m. EST. The Cruel Summer Season Finale airs on June 15, 2021.

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