• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

David Attenborough opens up on ‘humiliation’ filming latest BBC project

Sep 27, 2021

David Attenborough says ‘we are intruders’

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The Mating Game will be a five-part series that explores the challenges which animals face in their day to day lives. The series will also explore animals’ relationships with one another and their unique mating calls and dances. Sir David Attenborough will be back to provide the narration on the BBC series and he’s now spoken out on the joys of filming a new animal documentary – although not everything they find is a new discovery. 

He began to explain: “If you’re sufficiently knowledgeable and inquisitive, you’ll find extraordinary things.”

However, he added to Radio Times how “humiliating” it can be when his team think they’ve spotted something new worlds away – only to discover it’s happened on his front door.

“Sometimes it can feel humiliating to discover that you’ve found this fantastic spider that does this extraordinary mating display.

“Signalling his intention by using a kind of Morse code… and you film it, and then you find out that actually, that happens in a churchyard in Stoke Poges!” David joked.

David also explained his excitement when it came to the new technical side of filming and how they’ve filmed the best angles for viewers. 

“Having tiny little cameras that you can put up in the air transformed things, it’s given us science that nobody has ever seen before.

“Using drone footage to see this assembly of humpback whales from the air and get that aerial sight of whales is ravishingly beautiful.”

David highlighted that the camera shots and videos they had taken of the animals had never been seen on television and described it as historic.

The filming cast and crew came up against some difficulties filming due to the coronavirus pandemic but it didn’t stop them from getting amazing views from South America and Grasslands. 

Sir David became an activist on climate change and its impact on animals and nature late in his life. 

He has continuously raised awareness for global warming and fought for people’s attitudes to change before devastating disasters happen. 

However, the new series The Mating Game allowed David to return to his earlier love and why he became a naturalist, the joy of nature and animals in their natural habitat. 

Executive producer of the show Keith Scholey added to Radio Times that the new series allowed David to reveal footage that has never been caught on camera. 

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David’s passion and interests are in animals and the nature of their behaviours in the wildlife and observing how they navigate through their lives.

Alongside his new BBC project, he also has a new Netflix documentary coming out later this year too called Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet. 

The 75-minute documentary will look into how humans have had a detrimental impact on Earth, exploring the measures David thinks must be put in place to support our life systems.

This film will mark the third collaboration with Netflix, having previously worked with the company on Our Planet and David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet. 

“With major global decisions on biodiversity and climate change taking place this year, there has never been a more important time to communicate the science of what is happening to our planet,” the broadcaster said to Metro.co.uk.

“The research featured in Breaking Boundaries is one of the clearest explanations I’ve seen of the threats we face and how we might tackle them.

“I hope that after watching this film, many more people will see the urgency of our current situation and be inspired by the possibility of creating a stable, healthy future for ourselves and the rest of the natural world.”

The Mating Game will air on BBC One later this year. 
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