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David Attenboroughs staggering net worth as he releases new dino documentary

May 23, 2022

David Attenborough’s latest documentaries are releasing this week.

The biologist has narrated a five-part documentary series titled Prehistoric Planet for AppleTV+.

The documentaries explore the incredible lives of the dinosaurs more than 66 million years ago.

It’s the first time that Attenborough has worked with AppleTV, but the 96-year-old has had an expansive career.

His work on over 100 documentaries has seen him awarded three Emmys, five BAFTAs and a Lifetime Achievement Award at the UK National Television Awards.

There’s no doubt that Attenborough’s career has been hugely successful, and that includes huge financial success too.

Here’s everything we know about the natural historian’s massive net worth

What is David Attenborough’s net worth?

David Attenborough’s voice is widely recognised around the world. The iconic broadcaster is one of the pioneers of television, credited as the most famous and influential natural historian globally, and recognised as a national treasure.

His illustrious career has seen him rake in a significant amount of money, and despite his old age the 96-year-old continues to make big money with his new documentaries.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, David Attenborough has an estimated net worth of $35million (£27.8million).

How has David Attenborough earnt his millions?

Attenborough has earned his large net worth throughout his long-running broadcasting career, which first started in 1952 when he joined the BBC.

In 1954 Attenborough started his popular Zoo Quest series and his career took off from there.

He was appointed Controller of BBC Two in 1965 and was later promoted to BBC Director of Programmes.

In 1973 he stepped down from his role as Director of Programmes so that he could return to filmmaking.

Throughout his career, he has made hundreds of documentaries, with some of his best-known programmes including Life on Earth, The Blue Planet, The Private Life of Plants and Planet Earth.

As well as his work with the BBC, Attenborough has more recently struck up deals with Netflix and AppleTV.

And it’s not just TV that he’s worked on, the documentarian has also written dozens of books.

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