DENISE Van Outen's has revealed that her 23 year feud with her Big Breakfast co-star Johnny Vaughan is finally over.

The 46-year-old admitted that she has a "lot of love" for her former co-star after they mended their friendship.

Speaking on Annie O’Leary and Wendy Golledge on the Sweat, Snot and Tears podcast, she said that they have been talking lots during the recent lockdown.

Denise said: "We have been speaking a lot recently. We've been on and off as friends for years for various reasons."

The pair have put the past behind them once and for all and are now even in talks about working on new projects together. 

She continued: "A lot my friends that's never happened with, but I think just ours had combined career and work. When it's a work thing it's different."

The Towie narrator added that the pair are in talks about linking up for new projects together.  

She added: "I've got a lot of love for him as a person, as a friend, and I'm sure he feels the same.

"And we've started sort of talking again and we've started thinking of maybe some little ideas, so you never know." 

The Dancing on Ice star previously said they fell out after finding out his agent was trying to get him more money in contract renegotiations.

The West End star said the pair had been "on and off as friends" over the years and hinted that the fall out was related to work pressure.

They were one of The Big Breakfast's best double-acts, hosting together from 1997 to 1998 and again from 2000 till 2001.

Johnny and Denise did work together again when they hosted BBC gameshow Passport to Paradise.

The pair also teamed up to host the Capital Radio breakfast show in London together in 2008.

However, the old magic was hard to come by and she quit the show mid-way through her contact, leaving that same year to be replaced by Lisa Snowdon.

Denise spoke about her falling-out with Johnny during an appearance on Loose Women in 2017.

She told the panel:  “I had a big fall out with Johnny Vaughan, who I did Big Breakfast with and at that time we were like brother and sister.

"We were best friends, unbreakable. The whole relationship fell apart when we started to renegotiate our contracts because I always felt we worked together as a team and that’s how it should be.

"We created it together. Not just us but the rest of the team working on the show.  I always had that mentality that it was about all of us.

“But Johnny – and I know there are other influences involved, and agents and everything – but he was negotiating separately from me, which I found out and obviously confronted him.

"I realised then at that point that our friendship had gone in two different directions and for me it was tarnished.”

However, she added: "I have seen him since and whenever I see him, because I love him so much and he makes me laugh so much more than anyone I have ever met, I just forget about it because we were really really good friends."

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