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Dog the Bounty Hunter's son Leland hospitalised in first manhunt since tragic cancer death of wife Beth Chapman

Jul 11, 2019

DOG the Bounty Hunter's son Leland has been left hospitalised on his first manhunt since the tragic death of wife Beth Chapman.

Leland, 42, – son of Dog's first wife La Fonda Sue Darnall – was left badly injured after taking down a suspect in Colorado on Tuesday.

It comes just two weeks after TV favourite Beth – who starred alongside husband Dog and her family in the hit show – tragically died of cancer aged 51.

Dad-of-three Leland and his hardman father Dog, 66, were chasing a domestic violence suspect when a scrap broke out.

The father-and-son team tackled fugitive Edward Morales – but Leland suffered a torn ligament in his knee during the melee.

He is expected to be out of action for up to six weeks as he undergoes surgery in hospital in Athens, Alabama, his spokesperson told AL.com.

Morales – wanted for skipping a hearing after reportedly pleading guilty  to harassment last month – was eventually taken into custody.


Dog – real name Duane Chapman – was left devastated after the death of wife Beth in Honolulu, Hawaii last month.

She passed away after an 18-month battle with lung and throat cancer.

Announcing the tragic news to fans, Dog revealed that Beth's last words were to tell her family that she loved them.

Days after her death, hundreds of supporters joined Beth’s friends and family to remember her in a touching memorial at Fort DeRussy Beach in Waikiki, Hawaii.


Beth and Dog first met in 1988 when she was just 19 years old.

The couple tied the knot in 2006 and became great-grandparents earlier this year.

She was last seen in public celebrating Palm Sunday over the Easter Weekend in April.

Beth shared a smiling photo of herself dolled up for the occasion on Instagram.


Duane shot to fame in 2004 with Dog The Bounty Hunter, a reality series that followed his dramatic manhunts for suspects who had breached bail.

The show was an instant hit – with viewers drawn in by Chapman's street smarts, his team, and his efforts to rehabilitate the people he caught.

Beth was first diagnosed with stage two throat cancer in November 2017 and later developed stage-four lung cancer.

Her final days will be revealed in new show Dog’s Most Wanted – airing on US channel WGN.


Emotional scenes in the trailer show Beth stood by her husband of 12 years as he discusses her illness.

He tells a suspect: "My wife, the love of my life is fighting for her life, and instead of being at home helping her, I’m out here looking for you.”

Duane adds: "So I’m warning you, in advance, may God have mercy on you when I catch you… because I won’t.”

Poignant shots show Beth’s hospital bed and a close up photo of the couple – before Dog is seen leaning in for a tender kiss.

The release date has not yet been announced as some scenes were still being shot when Beth passed away.

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