FANS have shared their concern for Jinger Duggar as they voiced fears the reality star looked "thinner than normal" in new pictures.

The mom-of-two recently enjoyed a date night with her husband Jeremy Vuolo.

But when Jeremy took to Instagram to share a pretty snap of his wife eating noodles at a Japanese restaurant, fans reached out to comment.

Jinger, 27, wore a striped blue and white dress for the occasion, while her hair was styled into a high ponytail.

One person wrote on Reddit: "Is she getting thinner and thinner or am I imagining this."

Another queried: "I can’t tell if it’s the pattern of her dress or not, but her arms are looking extremely thin."

A third said: "She is so tiny ….. assuming she didn't eat all of it.. No baby weight on her apparently."

Discussing the former Counting On star's appearance, a fan mused: "Jinger looks so run down. I worry about her mental health."


"Me too," a concerned follower replied. "Her face looks thin and drawn. I really hope she's getting adequate nutrition."

"She looks VERY skinny here, like kind of eyebrow raising," added one fan of the show.

While one person reflected: "No snark here- I'm genuinely so concerned about her weight.

"There's nothing wrong with being skinny, but it raises alarm bells in my head when someone with a history of restrictive eating disorders loses weight suddenly.

"And if she is relapsing, I'm sure jerm knows little enough about them where it'll fly under the radar until she looks very ill."

Earlier this year Jinger admitted she tried “extreme dieting” as she battled with an “eating disorder.”

The reality star got real about her body image in an interview with Us Weekly. 

She said: “For me, the wrestling was with my weight and my body image, even though I was very in shape and I didn’t need to lose weight. 

“I felt like I needed to; as a 14-year-old girl, I was really wrestling with that."

More recently Jinger and Jeremy stated that they had no problem with Counting On getting the axe, as the TLC series was canceled following her brother Josh's arrest and child pornography charges.

The couple, who have children Felicity, two, and Evangeline Jo, seven months, have spoken of their plan to "raise their kids differently" to how Jinger grew up with dad Jim Bob and mom Michelle,

One insider exclusively told The Sun: "… They are bringing their children up differently to how Jinger was brought up, their parenting style is much more relaxed, and it's likely their daughters will be even more open-minded.

"Although they like being in the limelight for work, they don't want the focus to be on their children, and they choose to keep their faces hidden on social media."

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