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EastEnders betrayal as Stuart Highway imprisoned for attack following Rainie affair?

Jan 7, 2022

EastEnders: Woman tells Ash she doesn’t want to be treated by her

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EastEnders fans have been heartbroken to see the usually-cheerful Queen Vic landlord Mick (played by Danny Dyer) devastated over the breakdown of his marriage to Linda Carter (Kellie Bright). As his mental health starts to deteriorate and Rainie (Tanya Franks) attempts to support him, one thing may lead to another which could end up with the two starting an affair. Unfortunately, this could be in view of the already troubled Stuart, who is likely to lash out. Will he end up behind bars?

Stuart still hasn’t told Rainie about his breast cancer diagnosis and is becoming increasingly tense and uneasy about the situation.

Baffled by what is going on with her husband, Rainie has also been getting frustrated with him.

In upcoming scenes of the BBC soap, matters might be made worse for the struggling couple.

While pub manager Mick struggles with his mental health and has a panic attack in front of Rainie, she supports him through the situation.

As the moment continues though, they could share an intimate moment.

It comes at Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) and Rocky (Brian Conley) suggest to Mick that he gets back out into the dating world in an attempt to overcome his heartache.

Rainie, who has been at the centre of Mick and Linda’s marriage problems, overhears this.

Viewers will remember that since Rainie worked out that Max Branning (Jake Wood) was the father of Linda’s baby, she has caused issues for the couple.

Due to wanting to get Max’s young daughter back in her care, she wanted to use the information to entice him back to Walford.

In a bid to escape the gossip, Linda and Mick left the Square.

Mick returned a few months ago, but he and Linda have since split up for good.

After Rainie realises Mick and Linda have broken up, she follows Mick as he escapes for some air but he collapses as he struggles with a panic attack.

A concerned Rainie helps him recover.

Feeling guilty, she opens up to him about her pain of losing baby Abi.

Could their shared pain lead them to become close?

With Mick trying to escape his own hurt and being advised to move on, and Rainie realising the consequences or her actions and feeling alienated from Stuart, it seems likely to two may start to have an affair.

The pair don’t realise Stuart has been watching since they walked back into The Vic together.

He immediately becomes suspicious.

It’s possible the two troubled residents might find comfort in each other and start to see one another on the sly.

With Stuart already suspicious though, he may try to watch what his wife is getting up to behind his back.

If he secretly follows her heading to Mick’s one day, he may raise what is going on.

His brutal past might come back to haunt him as he lunges at Mick and attacks him.

Stuart has always had a darker side, which has come to the surface on a few occasions.

Just recently, he almost hit Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) when she tried to get him to face his diagnosis.

When he first came to Walford, many were suspicious of Stuart due to his violent behaviour and angry outbursts.

Since settling into Albert Square though, he has shown his nicer side and has worked through his problems.

However, with his concerns over his cancer increasing, and his wife cheating on him, he may lose control.

Will he beat Mick up so badly he ends up in prison?

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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