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EastEnders boss reveals Janine's explosive return storyline explaining 'she's changed'

Aug 30, 2021

AN EASTENDERS boss has revealed details of Janine Butcher's explosive return to Albert Square explaining 'she's changed.'

The villain, played by actress Charlie Brooks, was most famous for pushing her husband Barry off a cliff.

Janine is set to be back on the hit BBC1 soap later this year.

"She comes back as the character that we all know and love her as," revealed EastEnders’ Executive Producer Jon Sen.

He told Metro.co.uk: "We’d be robbing the audience if we didn’t bring her back in all her glory!

"Janine is older, and she’s wiser, and she’s had time to think about what she wants from life. We’ve seen her spend her time on the wild side and she’s grown up in the square.

‘Now, she’s working out what matters in life and what’s important to her.

"She’s obviously got Scarlett, her daughter, whose in care and that’s given her pause for thought, and perhaps the maternal instinct has finally clicked with Janine, who knows?"

As well as killing Barry while on honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands, Janine also murdered fourth husband Michael Moon.

She tried to bump off ­second husband Ryan Malloy, fatally ran over Ronnie Mitchell’s long-lost daughter Danielle, attempted to defraud the Mitchell family and framed arch-nemesis Stacey Slater for attempted murder.

Executive producer Jon Sen and showrunner Kate Oates have wanted to bring Janine back for some time, and are looking forward to seeing the character lock horns with some “fresh meat”, as many of Walford’s current inhabitants have yet to cross her.

And EastEnders certainly needs a boost following a ratings plunge.

Of her joy at reprising the role, Charlie says: “I was genuinely excited when my agent first called. Instantly something feels absolutely right about this.

“I’ve said in interviews I always imagine where she’s been and what she’s been up to. She’s such a glorious layered character. So to come back and explore that, it’s really exciting.”


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