EASTENDERS fans were horrified last night as sicko Ben Mitchell insisted he is PROUD of murdering poor Heather Trott.

The character was bumped off by Ben in 2012 when he clattered her over the head with a picture frame, causing her to keel over and hit her head on a counter.

Last night Ben, who went to jail for the crime, boasted to Jay Brown about being glad he'd bumped her off.

Ben, who is played by Max Bowden, told him: "The only reason I was angry at Hev was because of dad. He's the reason she's dead."

Jay – who was also there during Ben's attack and helped him cover up the crime – quite rightly pointed out she was dead because he'd smashed her with the photo frame.

But he insisted: "Killing her made me strong. Made me who I am."

When Jay asked: "And you're really proud of yourself?" he replied: "Yeah, yeah I am."

Fans were horrified, tweeting: "Always knew Ben was proud of killing Heather. Vile creep."

Another told him: "No honey no. Ben you should feel bad for murdering Heather."

Last night's episode saw Phil Mitchell coming round after himself being bonked on the head by a spanner – and asking who attacked him.

Ben, spying an opportunity to cause trouble, told him Keanu Taylor did it – right after Ben himself tried to kill his dad by cutting off his air supply.

Keanu has been on Ben's hit list ever since he discovered he'd replaced him in Phil's will – making him the top suspect in the Aches attack.

He loomed over the Walford hard man, whispering: "Everyone thinks I did this to you. So why don't I just finish the job?"

However, the true assailant was Stacey Slater, who swung a wrench at Phil's head when he threatened her sister Kat during a fight with Martin Fowler.

Viewers now have to wait to find out if he will regain his memories or believe Ben's word that Keanu – who, awkwardly, appears to have got Phil's wife Sharon pregnant – is to blame.

But no matter what happens, it seems scheming Ben is going to continue being at the heart of the drama.

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