EASTENDERS fans were left in tears during last night's episode as Phil Mitchell welcomed Callum Highway into his family.

The hard man showed his sensitive side as Callum and Ben were reunited following Friday's shooting horror.

After Ben woke up from his coma, Callum rushed to the hospital to discuss their secret getting out.

But as he burst into Ben's room the nurse told him that it was only family allowed, which prompted Phil to step in and state Callum was part of their family.

Soap fans took to Twitter to praise the surprisingly sweet move.

One wrote: "When Phil looks at Callum and says to the nurse 'He is family', MY HEART MELTED."

Another commented: "Phil saying to Ben that Callum is family is literally EVERYTHING."

During last night's episode, the pair were reunited for the first time as Ben woke up from his coma.

Ben replied: "We're tricky to get rid of us Mitchells."

Later on in the scene, Ben hinted at a potential date.

With Callum appearing unsure, Ben insisted they take it slow, saying: "There was this guy I was getting to know, and I was thinking maybe when I'm back on my feet, I'm moving around, why don't we go and get a pint or something?"

"Yeah, I reckon that might be all right," Callum said blushing.

The last scene showed the pair holding hands over Ben's hospital bed.

Days before the emotional scene, Callum broke down as he discussed his sexuality with brother Stuart.

This was a huge move for Callum as Stu has previously been shown to be homophobic, attacking Ben when he suspected that the character was trying to seduce his sibling.

However, Stuart proved to be the rock that Callum needed, reassuring him that he has his back no matter what – lifting a huge weight from Callum's shoulders.

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