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EastEnders heartache as Rainie Highway loses Stuart in violent attack?

Oct 30, 2021

Eastenders star Nina Wadia says she is not ruling out a return

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Stuart (played by Ricky Champ) and Callum Highway’s (Tony Clay) dad Jonno (Richard Graham) made an appearance in EastEnders a couple of years ago, where he revealed himself to be a homophobic and violent character. Since then, his sons haven’t had anything to do with him, but their relationship with their dad is set to be revisited in the BBC soap next week when he upsets Vi Highway (Gwen Taylor). Out for revenge, Stuart may take it upon himself to show his dad a lesson, but could he be the one to end up dead?

In upcoming scenes, Rainie (Tanya Franks) senses something isn’t right with Vi.

Vi later admits that her son Jonno has sold all of her belongings.

Shocked, Rainie pleads with Vi to tell Stuart, but the woman begs her not to.

Later, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) is flogging items from a house clearance, but Stuart recognises them as his nan’s possessions.

Fuming, he takes everything off a despairing Billy and returns them to Vi.

He empties everything on the table to his nan and is furious to learn what his dad has done.

In an angered state, he wants to track him down, but Vi gets him to calm down and urges him to leave Jonno alone.

But although he promises Vi and Rainie he won’t go after Jonno, it’s likely he’s lying.

Stuart isn’t one to let things slide, especially when it comes to his family.

He could track down his violent father and end up in danger.

When he was last in EastEnders, Jonno labelled Callum and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) as “sick, perverted scum” for getting engaged to each other.

When he started to get violent with Callum, Stuart intervened and attacked his dad.

He threatened Jonno, telling him: “If you ever come near him again or lay one single finger on him, I’ll kill you.”

Could he finally be about to make good on his promise?

If he goes after his dad again though, he may have to contend with Jonno’s friends as well.

Although he is tough, it would be hard for Stuart to take on a gang of violent men by himself.

With Jonno clearly not caring about his family, he probably wouldn’t care if he murdered his own son.

Stuart could end up left for dead, leaving a worried Rainie and Callum trying to find out where he got to.

Vi may not notice that Stuart has fled to go and find his dad as she becomes distracted by something she spots.

Once alone, she begins searching through the pile of things and realises something isn’t there.

She storms over to Billy’s stall, looking for an antique children’s book, but Billy tells her he has sold it to Kim.

Kim refuses to return the book. However, when Patrick looks closely he finds an interesting photograph in the book.

It may be a long time before Stuart’s family realise he has gone.

If Stuart ends up dying from a violent attack, his family would be left devastated.

After enduring a lot of heartache lately with Max Branning (Jake Wood) taking Abi away, and Bernie running off despite agreeing to be a surrogate, this final blow could prove to be too much for Rainie.

Could she turn back to drugs as a means of coping with her loss?

EastEnders continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC One.

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