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EastEnders return for Ian Beale as son Bobby killed in mosque attack?

Dec 28, 2021

I'm A Celeb: Adam Woodyatt discusses his time on Eastenders

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Iconic character Ian Beale (played by Adam Woodyatt) left Walford in January 2021 but could be set to return as his son Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) could die on New Year’s Eve. Bobby recently converted to Islam, with girlfriend Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith) fully supporting his choices and deciding to learn about his culture. However, far-right activist Aaron Monroe (Charlie Wernham) isn’t happy about her decision and has been organising an attack on the local mosque with activist friend Neil (Thomas Coombes). Will Ian return to the Square if Bobby is caught up in Aaron and Neil’s attack?

During Tuesday night’s episode, Bobby gifted Dana her own headscarf so they could both attend the mosque service together.

After, Aaron and their father Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) walked in, they had their reservations about the gift and didn’t keep their opinions quiet.

Aaron told Dana: “You look like you have a tea towel on your head,” to which Harvey interjected and said: “It’s… it’s different.”

However, Aaron wasn’t able to hold his tongue and stated: “Dad said you weren’t converting?” to which Dana replied: “I’m not, I’m just going to the mosque for afternoon prayers to see what’s what.”

As Dana and Bobby left for the mosque, Aaron turned to Harvey and said: “Happy New Year, Dad. 

“Next thing we know, she’s going to be wearing a bin bag, walking 20 paces behind him!”

Agreeing with his son, Harvey replied: “I don’t like it any more than you do, look you know what she’s like, the more we try and stop her, the more she is wanting to go Muslim to wind us up.

“So, we have to suck it up!”

Later, Aaron met with his friend Neil and said: “It made me sick to my stomach seeing her all covered up like that, my own sister!

“Bobby, I am that close to decking him! I can’t wait to torch that curry house,” however, Neil revealed to Aaron he had other ideas about their plans.

“A fire ain’t going to cut it, we need to up the ante, I’ve been doing some research on explosives, their brainwashing your sister, I thought you would be up for it.”

Aaron replied: “I am, what if someone gets killed?” to which Neil reassured: “It’s an empty building, besides, there ain’t no war without casualties, and that’s what this is… war.”

As they prepared for their attack, Aaron began to have second thoughts and told Neil: “You didn’t tell me it was going to kick off tomorrow night, though did you, that’s New Years Eve, Neil.

“And the Albert backs onto that place, if you bomb that mosque, the Albert goes up as well!”

However, Neil wasn’t listening to Aaron and continued: “Anyway, the more damage there is, the more attention we get.

“The more attention we get, the more our message gets across.”

Aaron confirmed: “Neil, the mosque right, that’s fair game if that gets trashed to the ground, I’m not going to be shedding any tears.”

Later, when Aaron returned home, he was welcomed by Dana and Harvey singing along to Christmas songs and tried to convince them to join him for a night out on New Year’s Eve and get them away.

However, Dana shut down his offer and told him: “It’s Bobby’s fundraiser at the Albert, it’s not one or the other, he asked first that’s all.”

Will Aaron go through with the attack knowing his sister’s life is at risk? If Bobby dies, will Ian return to the square to get revenge for his son’s death?

EastEnders airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on BBC One. 

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