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EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter takes drastic action to stop Rainie Cross

Sep 14, 2021

MICK Carter takes drastic action to stop Rainie Cross next week in EastEnders. 

Linda and Mick are hiding the huge secret that the father of her baby is actually Max Branning, who she had a short fling with last year.

The couple have agreed to keep Max, who recently disappeared from Walford with his young granddaughter Abi, in the dark about the fact that he has another child on the way.

However Rainie, who is desperate to bring up little Abi herself, quickly realised that Max could be the father of Linda’s baby given how big she looked and started doing some digging.

This week, Linda admitted her huge baby secret to Jack Branning as she gave birth to a baby girl – but begged him to keep shtum.

Next week, Linda is determined that Mick will be the baby’s legal father and plans for him to sign the birth certificate the following day. 

However, convinced that she knows the truth, Rainie goes to drastic lengths to prove it. 

Mick does all he can to protect Linda.

Later, Nancy spots flyers everywhere asserting that Max is the father of Linda’s baby and reports back to her family. 

Mick flies into a rage and threatens a smug Rainie. 

Later, in the pub, Stuart gets involved and warns Mick not to jeopardise his family. 

Speaking to The Sun and other media, the soap’s executive producer Jon Sen recently teased that Rainie was going to be a big problem for the Carters: “Of course, let's not forget Linda and Mick. Linda is pregnant obviously with Max's baby. They're desperate to hide that from the Square.

"But Rainie, as ever, is intent on finding out the truth, and will the Carters be able to convince everyone that Mick's the father in time, or will Rainie get to the truth?"

Will Rainie expose the Carters’ secret?

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