EASTENDERS' Suki Panesar continues to be heartbroken over her son Jags' death – will she accept help?

The Panesar family have been rocked by the shocking death of son and brother Jags while he was in prison.

Vinny has been driven to drink his problems away as he was seen getting drunk at Ruby's.

Vinny blames himself for Jags death as he was covering for him.

But Suki tells Vinny that he's not to blame and blames herself for framing Jags and reporting him to the police.

Next week, Honey is surprised to see the Minute Mart isn’t open.

She pops round to find Suki and is surprised to find her still in bed.

Clearly struggling to come to terms with what's happened to Jags, Honey offers to look after the shop, heartbroken for Suki.

Kheerat is concerned for Suki but she bats him away.

She heads to the Minute Mart and is angry to find Honey there running things.

Honey tries to help Suki, but will she listen?

Elsewhere on Albert Square, Ash is confused as to where Peter is, he’s been AWOL while she has been grieving.

At home, Peter is ignoring Ash’s calls and tells Kathy and Bobby that he can’t handle being around her family but they’re not impressed with his attitude.

Peter is upset at the turn of events with Ash and Kathy serves him some hard truths.

When Peter goes to find Ash, he sees her with another man.

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