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EastEnders star reveals if Rocky and Kathy will survive his huge secret

Mar 27, 2023

Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) and Kathy Beale’s (Gillian Taylforth) relationship is set to be tested as Rocky’s huge secret is exposed in EastEnders.

As Kathy plans to set a date for their wedding, Rocky is plagued by the fact that he is keeping a massive secret from her: He is still married to another woman.

‘Rocky has tried to bury his past, like he does with so many things. I think he hoped deep down that it would just go away’, actor Brian Conley revealed.

‘As the week starts, he realises he’s getting deeper and deeper in trouble, and deeper and deeper into a position where it’s going to be so hard to not say something.

‘Once again his back is against the wall, and he knows that eventually, unless he can get the situation sorted quietly behind Kathy’s back, he is going to have to say something.’

After Rocky involves Reiss and Sonia (Jonny Freeman and Natalie Cassidy) in his deceit, they come up with a plan to track wife Jo (Vicki Michelle) down.

However, things take a turn when Jo shows up on Kathy’s doorstep, and reveals exactly who she is.

‘He’s devastated but once again he’s going to try and get around it in some way’, Brian explained.

‘He tries and diffuse things with comedy, to try and make things all wonderful and fluffy, but he hates having to confront the truth. Once he sees Jo arrive, he knows that’s it.

‘When Jo turns up on Kathy’s doorstep, Rocky’s not there at first as he’s at the car lot, so he watches on in horror as Jo prepares to greet Kathy at the door. With Rocky knowing what Jo can be like, he knows that all hell is going to break loose.’

With the truth exposed, will Rocky and Kathy’s relationship survive?

‘I hope so’, Brian confessed.

‘Rocky is so in love with Kathy, and will do anything for her. I think over the last year, Kathy has realised how much he loves her, and I just hope that prevails.’

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