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EastEnders star reveals who she thinks dies at Christmas

Feb 27, 2023

Everyone across the UK is chucking theories about when it comes to who the dead body will be at Christmas, following the flash-forward which saw six key women standing over a male corpse.

And that includes the stars themselves, with Balvinder Sopal, best known for playing Suki Panesar, throwing three names into the ring.

She also has high hopes that she might be the killer herself, the direct opposite of what co-star Diane Parish wants for Denise Fox!

‘In terms of who meets their fate, it could literally be anyone,’ she mused.

‘I think it could be Keanu, it could be Rocky, it could be Nish, it could be somebody who hasn’t been in the show for a long time, it could be somebody new who comes in.

‘And I think maybe all of the women might be involved.’

They are certainly all involved to some degree – but how many have struck a killer blow?

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Along with Suki and Denise, the others in the frame are Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) and Gillian Taylforth (Kathy Beale).

‘They’ve all got a motive,’ Balvinder continued. ‘I would like it to be Suki, because I think it adds an extra dangerous element to her but who knows?’

Whatever the outcome, there are 10 months of fascinating build up, through which there will be massive twists for Suki in relation to her marriage to murderous husband Nish (Navin Chowdhry) and her secret love for Eve Unwin (Heather Peace).

Who is dead? Who is the killer? Share your theories below

Show boss Chris Clenshaw teased details, telling us: ‘Suki’s struggling in her marriage with Nish and is desperately trying to convince herself that she doesn’t have feelings for Eve.

‘As the year progresses, Suki will uncover truths, have her relationships tested but ultimately her biggest secret could push her to the extreme.’

The women involved in the death, now dubbed The Six, all have different strands – but Balvinder is excited for when they start to cross over as it means she gets to have more scenes with some iconic actresses.

‘I mean they are legends, it’s a real honour and privilege to work with women that have been on the show for such a long time who are strong, powerful, exciting, beautiful, fiery women who carry the show,’ she smiled.

‘And to be a part of that yourself – it’s  really great to be included with icons like that. So, I’m really looking forward to how it all pans out.’

We think that goes for the whole nation!

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