EMILY Atack humped the air while squatting over a table in a latex superhero costume for a saucy Celebrity Juice game tonight.

The 31-year-old star got completely stuck in with the task at hand, that saw her stuff a magnet in her pants to pick up spoons with her bum.

Her superhero name was Magno Butt, and the blonde beauty looked sensational as she showed off her enviable figure in the skintight outfit.

Emily wore a blue, latex jumpsuit with a pair of pink knickers on top – and a plain black vest top underneath.

She completed the look with a red cape, and let her competitive side come out as she rushed to find the spoons.

At one point, Emily had to hover over a fruit bowl that was on top of a wooden picnic table, with the TV favourite enthusiastically jumping up to find the spoon.

Watching as Emily squatted over the bowl, host Keith Lemon joked: "There's a lot of teenage boys thinking: 'I wish I was the spoon'."

She then started to hump the air in a bid to increase her chances of finding the spoon in the bowl, and was thrilled when it connected to the magnet on her bum.

Emily had previously backed over a dishwasher to find another spoon for her team, and sat on a framed photo of her co-star's face.

The raunchy display comes after Emily confessed that she was once tempted to become an air hostess so that she could flirt with sexy male passengers.

Speaking on BBC series This Is My House, the actress explained: "I see men flirting with the air hostesses all the time.

“It actually made me once want to be an air hostess. If I was an air hostess I’d be a nightmare."

She then quipped: "I’d be in jail."

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