Emmerdale: Meena plays with Leanna's ring

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Emmerdale’s Ben (played by Simon Lennon) hasn’t been in The Dales for long and not too much is known about him. After a brief fling, he and Aaron (Danny Miller) seem to have got very close quite quickly. Ben has recently been acting strangely though, getting shifty when he receives phone calls and clearly hiding something from Aaron. Official spoilers for the ITV soap confirm that a heartbreaking update on Robert (Ryan Hawley) will be unearthed next week, but could this have something to do with Ben’s mysterious behaviour?

Robert has been serving time in prison for killing Lee Posner (Kris Mochrie) after finding out he had raped his sister Victoria (Isabel Hodgins).

Robert was sentenced to 14 years behind bars after hitting Lee over the head with a shovel just before he died.

But Lee had actually already been hurt following a fight with his brother, Luke Posner (Max Parker), which had left him with an injury to the head.

When Victoria found out, she was determined to use this to help Robert.

In upcoming scenes, Victoria reveals Robert has decided not to appeal his conviction, and Aaron promises he will always be there for her.

Victoria tells Lee’s mum Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) who is conflicted.

At the same time, Bencontinues to be dishonest with Aaron about his life, and spoilers suggest all will become clear.

Some fans believe that somehow it was in fact Ben that killed Lee and allowed Robert, who was with Aaron at the time, to take the blame as a means of getting back at his childhood bully.

One viewers took to Twitter to say: “Ben was the one to actually kill Lee, resulting in Robert going to prison. Ben’s revenge on his childhood tormentor finally complete!”

Another said: “Ben needs to be honest with Aaron over what he is hiding #Emmerdale.”

“What is Ben hiding?” a third asked, while another penned: “It certainly feels Ben’s secret is dad related but hope it’s not too predictable & injects a bit of life into whatever the story is, it needs a bit of adrenaline to get it going I feel, it’s all threatening to go a bit flat and dragging it out doesn’t help matters. #Emmerdale.”

“Ben has got to have some dark, dodgy secret #Emmerdale,” another commented.

Just like Ben, Lee was also quite a mysterious character, and other residents didn’t know too much about him.

Could he have actually known Ben? Lee could have been the person who informed him about Aaron and was feeding him information on him.

It’s clear Ben had not let go of the past and the bullying Aaron subjected him to, so he may well have been plotting something for years.

He may have found out about the couple, and could have been planning to get rid of Robert initially.

But if he was staking the pair, he may have seen Robert’s confrontation with Lee as the perfect opportunity to put him in the frame for something.

He may well have been the one to deal Lee the fatal blow which ultimately was his cause of death, knowing things would not be looking good for Robert after the fight.

Fans have always been suspicious that Ben appeared on the scene quite suddenly and out of nowhere, and was immediately interested in Aaron, whom he was furious with when they first met again.

Addressing his hurt, Ben asked him last year: “You really don’t know, do you?”

He went on: “You don’t know who I am.” Aaron shrugged: “Well, no,” to which Ben replied: “Of course you wouldn’t.”

A baffled Aaron said: “Listen mate,” before Ben angrily cut in, saying: “I’m not your mate – I’m definitely not your mate.

“Especially back in school.” It was then that it clicked for Aaron as he recognised who Ben was.

“I’ve changed a little, I guess,” Ben said. He asked: “Have you? Or do you still shove people in bins?

“Beat them up and come up with 100 ways of calling someone gay?”

He continued: “Guess what Aaron, I’m still gay. I just don’t run home anymore and wish I was dead.”

If he framed Robert in an act of revenge, could Ben be threatening him with something, forcing him to stay in prison and to drop the appeal?

Emmerdale continues on Monday at 7pm on ITV.

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