Charity Dingle has become one of Emmerdale's most memorable characters as she's been involved with some of the show's biggest and most powerful storylines.

Emma Atkins has played the iconic character for over two decades as she made her first screen appearance as Charity in March 2000.

Charity has been struggling recently on the ITV programme after being deserted by her family.

She had cheated on her fiancé Vanessa Woodfield as she was spotted kissing Mackenzie Boyd, so not only lost her family, but also the love of her life.

Her time on the soap has certainly had its ups and downs, from multiple marriages and a lesbian affair to long-lost children turning up and being accused of murder.

Charity sadly had a tortured past which has led to her struggles later on in life.

She gave birth to daughter Debbie Dingle at just 13 and went on to be forced into child prostitution.

Charity was then taken by evil DI Bails who groomed her and abused the trust she had in him.

Her troubled history has been mentioned an array of times on the soap, making it impossible to hate Charity despite her many mistakes over the years.

Charity had an affair with her husband Chris Tate's sister, Zoe Tate, which was a huge storyline at the time.

Zoe, played by the late Leah Bracknell, made history on Emmerdale as she soap's first lesbian character.

Tate was one of the soap's first LGBTQ+ icons and her affair with Charity is one of the show's most memorable romances.

Charity eventually ended their relationship, but Zoe didn't take it well and threatened to let her brother hear the truth if she didn’t agree to sign a prenup.

Another one of Charity's mega storylines was when she was reunited with her long-lost children, not once, but twice.

Charity is mum to Debbie Dingle, Ryan Stocks, Noah Dingle, and young Moses Dingle.

Charity gave birth to her daughter Debbie when she was just 13, after falling pregnant to cousin Cain Dingle.

Debbie came back into Charity's life 12 years later as she was fostered by Paddy and Emily Kirk, and the pair's relationship has been a rollercoaster.

Charity had her second child, Ryan at just 14, after becoming pregnant as a result of sexual abuse.

She thought her son had died soon after birth, but later discovered he was still alive.

Charity was looking for evidence for the case against her evil abuser when she found out Ryan was in fact alive and well.

Charity's affair with Cain Dingle was another major plot on the ITV soap.

The characters, who are second cousins, hooked up when they were 13 and share daughter Debbie together.

After Cain found out that Debbie was his and Charity's daughter, the three of them became closer.

This led to Cain and Charity having an affair, despite Charity being married to Chris Tate.

Chris was furious when he found out and plotted to frame Charity.

Chris threw Charity out of Home Farm but decided to take things a step further and frame her for his death.

After finding out he had an inoperable brain tumour, he decided to commit suicide and frame Charity for murdering him.

Charity was arrested after her fingerprints were found on the glass Chris used to drink his lethal cocktail in dramatic scenes.

Luckily, Charity was eventually cleared of the crime and won back custody of Noah, who is Chris' son.

Charity's most recent explosive storyline involves her hitting rock bottom after being abandoned by her family.

Her life began to spiral out of control after she was seen cheating on her love Vanessa, who she got engaged to in 2019.

Charity also enraged her family more as she slept with her daughter Debbie Dingle's ex Al Chapman.

His affair with Debbie was exposed over the festive period and fans were stunned when Charity got drunk and came on to him.

Her second cousin Chas, who Charity co-owned the Woolpack with, demanded she sell her share to their cousin Marlon.

After losing everything, will Charity get her life back on track?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays on ITV.

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