• Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Emmerdale fans call out baffling blunder with Meena Jutla scenes after taking sister Manpreet hostage

Jan 5, 2022

EMMERDALE fans have been left baffled by serial killer Meena’s massive gaffe as she persists with her crazy plan to keep sister Manpreet locked up. 

Fans of the much-loved soap have called out a major mistake in Meena Jutla’s wicked kidnap scheme.

It's just the latest instalment in the serial killer’s plot to terrorise the unsuspecting residents of Emmerdale, with a current kill count of four people – her pal Nadine, Leanna Cavanagh, Ben Tucker, and Andrea Tate.

And now she’s got her sister Manpreet held hostage, keeping a close eye on the poor lass as she lays in bed drugged up to the eyeballs after failing to croak in the Christmas day blast.  

But some viewers have been left baffled by Meena’s blunder and they flocked to Twitter to say just that. 

"Emmerdale manpreet in that bed since xmas and still hasn't asked for the toilet”, one chirped.  

A second joined in to write: "This ridiculous Meena storyline….Manpreet has been tied to the bed for over a week now and no sign of toilet embarrassment. Must have concrete kidneys etc”. 

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"Manpreet has been tied up for ages. I want to know how she is going to the toilet because it doesn't look like she's moved”, a third added.  

A fourth penned: "She's been lying there for 3 days, no food or water, no going to the toilet or washing yet the scars have healed and she looks in good health”.

"So how is Manpreet doing the toilet when she's bound and gagged? There's never any mention of that sort of thing in a hostage situation”, said a fifth. 

The serious gaffe comes after fans were certain that the jig might finally be up for evil Meena after they noticed amateur sleuth Dr Liam Cavanagh had bagged a prize at a murder mystery weekend. 

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