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Emmerdale Meenas downfall finally exposed as brutal Manpreet murder teased

Dec 7, 2021

Emmerdale serial killer Meena Juta looks like she's ready to claim her next victim before the year draws to a close.

Dawn’s ex Alex arrives in village and introduces himself to Lucas as his real dad.

After Alex has a spat with Billy and Meena meddles with Dawn, this leaves Alex concerned for his son’s wellbeing.

The next day Meena’s accusations of Lucas’ neglect toward Dawn leaves the ex-prostitute under fire as Meena urges Alex to take his son from her.

As Dawn realises Alex and Lucas have left, she turns to Billy for assistance but she can’t stop herself kissing the mechanic.

To his excitement, Billy admits that this is what he’s been waiting for but knows he has to tell Meena.

Obviously angry, Meena can’t get her head around the fact that Billy wants to leave her for Dawn and resorts to a bombshell, revealing that she’s pregnant with his child.

Despite this, Dawn is unfathomed and reassures him that the baby won’t affect their relationship.

Manpreet is understandably suspicious of Meena’s announcement.

She later comes across a social media page for Carol, Nadine’s sister and goes to send her a message and the two meet up.

Carol reveals that she thinks Meena murdered Nadine and, still in shock, Manpreet is baffled at the thought that her sister could have killed someone.

Meena is then seen meeting a driver, exchanging cash for a mysterious package.

The evil nurse later reports Dawn to Social Services but a terrified Manpreet hangs up the call, leaving Meena angry that she was caught in the act.

She covers it up by pretending she is simply worried, which appears to bowl Manpreet over but as Meena leaves her facial expression shows clear suspicion.

Meena is then seen meddling again, this time by planting heroin at Woodbine in an attempt to make Dawn appear an unfit mother, but is once again interrupted by her sister who grabs Meena.

This causes the heroin to fall to the ground and Manpreet questions both her intentions and her pregnancy, making her realise Carol may have been right after all.

Meena is then seen stalking her sister with broken glass – is this an empty threat or will she cross the line?

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